Monday, August 29, 2005

Moodiness, Kidnappings, Bolemia and Addiction

I'm in a crap mood. Have been that way for the past 5 days. Could be because of the slightest change in weather. I don't know. It's been over a month since I've posted anything. Well just to bring everything back up to speed. Right now I'm out of cigarettes. Why the hell does everything seem to be an obstacle?

Kiki's brother was returned within 4 days after a 20,000 dollar ransom was paid. That made Kiki's parents very worried about Kiki's safety. For a while he wasn't allowed to go out unescorted. I saw his mom today, she's still worried but not that much. As soon as Kiki's brother was returned there was talk of sending Kiki out of country to do a master's degree. 2 months have passed up till now. Kiki says he'll be leaving on Thursday. K tells me that he's been on the verge of leaving for the past month.

K's been here for the past couple of months. Didn't get to see much of him at all. He's cooped up at CNN offices. He'll be going back to the UK early next month. Saw him today also, he asked me when would I see him again, I replied that I'll see him in the UK.

A couple of nights ago I saw Fal whom I hadn't seen for 2 months. I've known that he's kind of bolemic something that he doesn't try to hide for that matter. He must've raised the pace because for the first time he does actually look bolemic. He's become very skinny and has bags beneath his eyes. India tells me that Fal isn't aware of how serious bolemia is. Which is not his fault, there are no awareness campaigns such as one might find elsewhere. India is putting alot of effort into making Fal aware that he's hurting himself.

India's still waiting for some response in regards to his application for a time extension on his master's degree that he still hasn't got down to doing.

I've got to go find myself some cigarettes. I'm hating this negative mood swing. It better be over soon.