Saturday, April 23, 2005

An ant with wings is in my room

Today I attended a wedding party. It was pretty nice. The music wasn't as loud as I expected. Usually it's so loud one can't hear oneself think. Another plus was that I wasn't expected to dance. Supposedly men from the bride's side shouldn't dance according to some people which was the card that my friend the brother of the bride was using. And the whole thing lasted less than 4 hours.

There was a strangely funny incident just as the wedding ended and everybody had left. We heard some yelling behind us. The wedding photographer was disputing his fee and had threatened to publish a photograph in a newspaper shouldn't he receive the full amount he asked for. This enraged the people on the groom's behalf. The whole little thing didn't last more than 5 minutes but was quite loud. It's funny because had a photographer offered to show a picture of someone's wedding in some other country it would be most welcomed.

When I got home I found out that the electricity schedule has become 2 hours of electricity for every 6 hours of no electricity. This summer looks like it's going to get really nasty. This bloody ant has got to die, it keeps startling me.

Friday, April 22, 2005

اعلمه الرماية كل يوم, لما أستد ساعه رماني

Last night I slept over at India's place along with Kiki and a couple of other friends. We spent the night playing Mario Party 6 and Mario Kart. As usual my abilities at gaming shone out like light from a blackhole. Today after lunch and another round of Mario Party we got up to leave. Fal asked Kiki to drop him and me home. The wretched Kiki refused to take drive us home. Innumerable times have I, as well as others including Fal, gone out of our way to drive him home. It makes me furious that on the first oppurtunity that he has to return the favour he gives us the finger. I swear not to let him forget this transgression.

I'm hot, I'm sweating a little bit. The generator is feeding me electricity which means I can't turn on the air-conditioner. It's things like this which make me wish I was at home in the UK. My whole family is there now. It's still impossible to get us all in the same room. I wonder when the last time that happened was. I certainly don't remember that ever happening. Maybe my brother does. I wonder if that could ever happen again, it most probably wouldn't.

Growing up as a kid, I don't remember giving much thought to the importance of family. I imagined it was a peripheral part of life, amazing how kids rationalize things. But slowly I guess all these little self-protecting shields wear out, and you come to face the reality of the world. I wonder if I still have any self-protecting shields regarding other aspects of life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fish oils are good for you

My arm is fine now. Guess it's time to hurt it again. I think I've sorted out my sleeping schedule. After getting the right-of-attorney thing done yesterday Nahida and I did a tiny bit of shopping. She bought some eggs, bread and mint. I bought some antibiotic cream to deal with those nasty zits I get on my thighs (yuck hehe). I also bought 3 little buddha looking figurines $2 each.

Not all discrimination is bad. Positive discrimination is pretty cool. I saw two examples of it yesterday. One was at the bakery where there are two vending windows, one for women and one for men. Sometimes there's a big queue at the bakery at that moment in time there was nobody.

The other instance was when I went to the courts to get that right-of-attorney processed. There was a long queue of men standing outside of the office and a security officer standing at the door. Nahida being a woman went straight through. She then told the cop to let me in pretending I'm her son. And so I got to skip the long queue and save myself at least half an hour of waiting. And now that I look back every official that I had to go through to get the right-of-attorney processed was a woman.

Something suprised me a few days ago. Female contraception pills are rumoured to help grow cannabis so while I was out one day looking for that cream I bought yesterday. I went into a pharmacy and asked for some contraception pills. I didn't know what they were called so it took a few stumbled suggestions till the pharmacist understood what I said. When the man finally understood what I was aksing for he acted a bit suprised but without asking any questions he sold them to me. And they were really cheap too (about a dollar for a month's worth. I imagined that you had to get a prescription to get such medicine.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Must stay awake

I just took a little walk inside the house. The walk consisted of leaving my room and entering Nahida's 3 meters away. Bloody flies and mosquitoes are in my room. I'm trying to evaluate which are more annoying. So far today it's been the flies.

I woke up at 4 in the afternoon yesterday, which is rather normal for me. Now it's 9 AM and I'm going to try to stay awake throughout the day. Still have to sign that right-of-attorney for a lawyer to deal with that case filed against me and my family. I think I've mentioned it in a previous post.

I still can't extend my left arm from a little dumbell lifting a couple of nights ago. I should've warmed up and down. I'm getting so much junk mail in my hotmail inbox these days.

Crap I got to take a shower to get the day started.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Marla Ruzicka died.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not in the mood to post

I was supposed to sign a right-of-attorney today for a lawyer to deal with a complaint filed by the family that we bought land from before the war; but I overslept. They're claiming that the person that sold us the land had forged their identity to sell us the land, and thus the sale was illegal. They've already taken us to court before the war on a different premise and lost the case. Afterwards my dad got some document to prevent further complaints signed by someone in the ministry. All in all, I don't think they're going to get anywhere. I think a lawyer probably suckered them into it. There is that chance that they pay for a verdict, but I feel that's very unlikely.

I asked Nahida when would the air-conditioner will get cleaned so I could use it. She told me that it was cleaned infront of me, which was a couple of weeks ago. It's a window-type air-conditioner and all they did was remove the front panel and wipe the grill that sucks the air. I thought there was more to it. I'm using it now, I did miss the smell of air-conditioning.

I think I might of killed my plant last night. I was chatting to Zed in Bulgaria and he told me that his friend Georgi's plants which were planted about the same time as mine had grown to 7 inches while mine is still only 1 inch. So I did like he told me and put the plant underneath a 100 watt light bulb. But I did one thing wrong which was that I put it too close. After an hour or two, I took a look at the plant and they leaves were pointing straight up. I was impressed at the effect of the light bulb, but a little later I realized that the leaves were shriveling and turning brown and that it was very warm. I'm not sure what to do now, only one of the leaves looks partially healthy (the biggest one out of 4).

Kiki and India slept over last night. We spent the night watching movies on the tube. When I woke up Kiki had left. Omar whose dad owns the restaurant on the main street near my house, came over a few hours later Mar came and the subject of Kiki's on-line romance with a Canadian-Egyptian girl living in Canada came up. India made me call Kiki to get permission to fill me in. Kiki wants to marry her, to the point that he's told his parents. His mum told him no straight up. The plan so far is that Kiki is going to go Alexandria in Egypt during the summer to meet her with her parents and without his parents support that's very unlikely to happen.

Ha Ha Ha. I saved the post as a draft moments before the electricity went out. But I'm not adding anything after all except a title.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

133 entries later

Finally finished the farm accounts with Nahida! That must've taken at least 6 hours. What a marathon. Must get food and rest.

One Beer

One beer is not enough. 2 would not be enough for that matter. What I want is that one beer and that drink that when I was a teenager would regurlarly drink at bars: The TGV, french for High Speed Train, a part each of Tequila, Gin and Vodka with ice in a glass. That is what I want right now. But god help me I don't want to drink another one of those again.

CSS isn't the end

So nothing new in my life right now. Woke up late, had the intention of doing the accounts for the farm. I'm supposed to type the accounts written by Fozzy into the PC. The only problem is that I don't understand what he's written very neatly. So I need Nahida to read them out to me. She had been very busy while I was asleep and called it a day, so our work is postponed till tomorrow.

I gently burnt a patch of psoriasis on my finger with my cigarette today. Hoping that it would do something. So far it looks like it's going to turn into a little blister. Maybe I should try it on a more developed patch.

What I'm doing is pretty useless really. I've made a column each for the date, a description and an amount in Excel and I'm going to fill 'em up. The only thing I'll be able to do with the information is add it up. Which I guess is pretty cool. It's a start and Fozzy thinks that I'm doing something helpful, maybe he knows something I don't. I am however learning to type in arabic and working on my spelling. I've been at the microsoft site going through access tutorials thinking that it might help me do something useful in regards to the accounts of the farm.

The weather indoors is nice, not so warm as to make me sweat yet. I'm going to need a fan in my room. Kiki keeps telling me to get a fan installed into the ceiling of my room. I hate fans. I don't know why, but I hate them. I can't turn on the air conditioner yet because it needs to be cleaned. I wonder how they do that. The voices of many people echo in the back of my head crying out: "You idiot!"

I also spent the last couple of days trying to learn CSS from . I went through the whole thing, I didn't understand all of it, I can't memorize one bit of it, I don't know how I'm going to make use of it. Okay I'm going to try and turn the dark red titles on my posts to another colour right now! I've chosen an egg yolk colour instead. Yippee, I've done something. I also made some star appear when the mouse hoves over the title but undid it because it looked messy.

I've realised that I over-use some words. Such as 'really'. I think I'm using words without actually meaning them. My language skills are rotting I know it. I've spent too much time today in front of the computer screen. Must walk away. Oh yeah, there's a beer in my fridge. I bought it with Wazy a couple of nights ago. That container in Maamoun that was selling beer moved into a make shift store at the same location. It must be reaping loads of money, being the only booze store in the neighbourhood. Good for them.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Zelda completed

I cheated, shame on me. But I really did get sick of playing that game every waking hour. That's one barrier preventing me from venturing into the outside world. It's been a whole week since I've left the house.

I stink again. This time of barbequed kebab. Now why did I participate in that? Got to take a shower now. Just checked, Damn it the water heater was off all this time and the electricity is going to cut-off in half an hour.

Monday, April 04, 2005

M6 Music Monday Nights

The number of time I left the house since I got the GameCube is still one. I think I'm close to completing Zelda afterwhich I swear not to play another game for a month.

A weak dust storm is blowing through the air tonight. It made me sneeze a couple of times.

The plant in the cup is doing alright. It produced a couple of round leaves and a couple tiny spikey ones. It's over an inch tall now. I hope it turns out to be a female. Because otherwise I'm screwed. If it's a female I would be able to clone it and produce more plants out of it, it also can produce a male organ at some point.

Friday, April 01, 2005


The mosquitoes are back. I thought there were two in my room until I killed one. It's not so disgusting squating a mosquito with your hand when you know that it's your own blood getting smeared in the process.