Friday, April 22, 2005

اعلمه الرماية كل يوم, لما أستد ساعه رماني

Last night I slept over at India's place along with Kiki and a couple of other friends. We spent the night playing Mario Party 6 and Mario Kart. As usual my abilities at gaming shone out like light from a blackhole. Today after lunch and another round of Mario Party we got up to leave. Fal asked Kiki to drop him and me home. The wretched Kiki refused to take drive us home. Innumerable times have I, as well as others including Fal, gone out of our way to drive him home. It makes me furious that on the first oppurtunity that he has to return the favour he gives us the finger. I swear not to let him forget this transgression.

I'm hot, I'm sweating a little bit. The generator is feeding me electricity which means I can't turn on the air-conditioner. It's things like this which make me wish I was at home in the UK. My whole family is there now. It's still impossible to get us all in the same room. I wonder when the last time that happened was. I certainly don't remember that ever happening. Maybe my brother does. I wonder if that could ever happen again, it most probably wouldn't.

Growing up as a kid, I don't remember giving much thought to the importance of family. I imagined it was a peripheral part of life, amazing how kids rationalize things. But slowly I guess all these little self-protecting shields wear out, and you come to face the reality of the world. I wonder if I still have any self-protecting shields regarding other aspects of life.

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