Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fish oils are good for you

My arm is fine now. Guess it's time to hurt it again. I think I've sorted out my sleeping schedule. After getting the right-of-attorney thing done yesterday Nahida and I did a tiny bit of shopping. She bought some eggs, bread and mint. I bought some antibiotic cream to deal with those nasty zits I get on my thighs (yuck hehe). I also bought 3 little buddha looking figurines $2 each.

Not all discrimination is bad. Positive discrimination is pretty cool. I saw two examples of it yesterday. One was at the bakery where there are two vending windows, one for women and one for men. Sometimes there's a big queue at the bakery at that moment in time there was nobody.

The other instance was when I went to the courts to get that right-of-attorney processed. There was a long queue of men standing outside of the office and a security officer standing at the door. Nahida being a woman went straight through. She then told the cop to let me in pretending I'm her son. And so I got to skip the long queue and save myself at least half an hour of waiting. And now that I look back every official that I had to go through to get the right-of-attorney processed was a woman.

Something suprised me a few days ago. Female contraception pills are rumoured to help grow cannabis so while I was out one day looking for that cream I bought yesterday. I went into a pharmacy and asked for some contraception pills. I didn't know what they were called so it took a few stumbled suggestions till the pharmacist understood what I said. When the man finally understood what I was aksing for he acted a bit suprised but without asking any questions he sold them to me. And they were really cheap too (about a dollar for a month's worth. I imagined that you had to get a prescription to get such medicine.

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