Sunday, April 10, 2005

One Beer

One beer is not enough. 2 would not be enough for that matter. What I want is that one beer and that drink that when I was a teenager would regurlarly drink at bars: The TGV, french for High Speed Train, a part each of Tequila, Gin and Vodka with ice in a glass. That is what I want right now. But god help me I don't want to drink another one of those again.


RealtorTomMeyer said...

When I drank, I would leave a drink or two in the last bottle to show that I "didn't need it". My last beer was on December 22. A cold Guinness, my favorite. I left a little less than half the glass full. Had I known that would be the last, I would have certainly drank every last drop.

Another sober Saturday night. For me, by choice. When you return to the States, I'll set up cold beers for you and your pals. Thanks for doing what you do.

With Respect and Gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know someone is reading.