Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not in the mood to post

I was supposed to sign a right-of-attorney today for a lawyer to deal with a complaint filed by the family that we bought land from before the war; but I overslept. They're claiming that the person that sold us the land had forged their identity to sell us the land, and thus the sale was illegal. They've already taken us to court before the war on a different premise and lost the case. Afterwards my dad got some document to prevent further complaints signed by someone in the ministry. All in all, I don't think they're going to get anywhere. I think a lawyer probably suckered them into it. There is that chance that they pay for a verdict, but I feel that's very unlikely.

I asked Nahida when would the air-conditioner will get cleaned so I could use it. She told me that it was cleaned infront of me, which was a couple of weeks ago. It's a window-type air-conditioner and all they did was remove the front panel and wipe the grill that sucks the air. I thought there was more to it. I'm using it now, I did miss the smell of air-conditioning.

I think I might of killed my plant last night. I was chatting to Zed in Bulgaria and he told me that his friend Georgi's plants which were planted about the same time as mine had grown to 7 inches while mine is still only 1 inch. So I did like he told me and put the plant underneath a 100 watt light bulb. But I did one thing wrong which was that I put it too close. After an hour or two, I took a look at the plant and they leaves were pointing straight up. I was impressed at the effect of the light bulb, but a little later I realized that the leaves were shriveling and turning brown and that it was very warm. I'm not sure what to do now, only one of the leaves looks partially healthy (the biggest one out of 4).

Kiki and India slept over last night. We spent the night watching movies on the tube. When I woke up Kiki had left. Omar whose dad owns the restaurant on the main street near my house, came over a few hours later Mar came and the subject of Kiki's on-line romance with a Canadian-Egyptian girl living in Canada came up. India made me call Kiki to get permission to fill me in. Kiki wants to marry her, to the point that he's told his parents. His mum told him no straight up. The plan so far is that Kiki is going to go Alexandria in Egypt during the summer to meet her with her parents and without his parents support that's very unlikely to happen.

Ha Ha Ha. I saved the post as a draft moments before the electricity went out. But I'm not adding anything after all except a title.

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So much for not being in the mood to post...such a long post....