Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Will Be Boarding Soon

Phew. I'm that much closer to taking that dump.

Stuck In Amman Airport

On my way to my Heathrow I realised that my layover in Amman was not 4 hours but instead 7 hours. So I began SMSing Kiki from Heathrow to see how I could meet up with him. Left Heathrow a little late. Land in Amman call up Kiki to check all's good. Grab a cab to the city and find him and Omar. We go to Noise's. Drink whiskey. I haven't seen these guys in over a year. I was really glad to see them. Kiki had arranged for the cab that was to take me back a little later than I had hoped, but I made it back in time for my flight. Which was delayed by half an hour or an hour. I was supposed to get on an Iraqi Airways flight but the airline was Lebanese and called 'Flying Carpet'.I get into a seat near the middle emergency exit, the one with the extra leg room and pass out. I wake up later, I don't know how much later since I broke my watch a couple of weeks ago. Looking out of the window it looked alot like Amman, which it was. And people were queuing up to get off the plane. Those passengers were told to sit back down. The guy next to me told me that we had flown out and some technical problem occured whilst in flight and so we came back to Amman airport. Now we're back in that space between Security and the gates. I'm exhausted, I need to take a glorious dump. And I've finished all my cigarettes, mostly whilst I was at Noise's drinking. And over here they only sell cartons. Still don't know what's going to happent to us. I'll just be following the herd.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm flying out tomorrow. Yeah baby. I'm going down to the Middle East :)

Been in the UK for 4 months now and the climate here is getting a tad too cold for my liking. I'm presently shivering since the heating went bust last night and my home here is particularly cold (big windows, high ceilings).

I'm not really sure what to expect when I get back. I'm hoping it'll take me a couple of days to get used to it all again. But being away for 4 months. Oh my am I going to miss seeing the pretty girls walking down the street.

Just about did most of my packing today. Tomorrow I'll go to my dad's pick up my ticket and then to my bro's say bye to him, his wife and kids, and her bro. And then it'll be a long 2-3 hour drive with my mum who'll be getting all emotional on me.

Everyday she's been asking me not to go. The one problem with my accepting the risk (as small as I've made it out to be) of going there is is the possibility that I betray my mother. And by betrayal I mean if I were not to come back.

But fuck that I'm invicible, my friends have reasoned this: If we're getting bum-fucked by God then surely death would be too easy. Indeed, the greater curse is to survive, witness and live through all the shit that life in Iraq has to throw at you.

That being all said, I do miss the comforts. I miss driving. And I'm told that my car's been repaired while I've been gone vroom vroom. College has yet to start, and I think since the roads around Karada have been cut-off college since that American interpreter disappeared I should be cool for a few days.

I've bought t-shirts for all the guys, except for India since he never wears t-shirts instead he got a month long membership to some download site. I also got him a DS lite for him for which he'll pay me back when I get back, but in the meantime it'll be keeping me company on my way. I've downloaded sooo much stuff for India.

I got a Wifi Max for Nintendo DS which gave me trouble. So if you're having some trouble with one of those since you use a Speedtouch modem too, throw in a comment or e-mail me and I'll explain how to fix it up.

Jagermeister is the drink that won't give you a hangover... It'll even make you feel good the next day. If you don't believe me, ask Patrick.

Oh and in case you need to have it pointed out to you, this means that Baghdad Bacon & Egg's summer break is over and I'll be posting as usual.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two More

Should be feeling the effects of the fine South-West wacky.

I'm in the UK and in two weeks should be going back to Baghdad. I'm getting told to stay in the UK by alot of people. Only my dad and Nahida back home are telling me to go back. I tell myself that I'm going back to finish a lesson or find that missing piece of me. I also think about how I'm halfway through college there, just two more years and I'll have a degree. And I've no fear of smoking my brains away another time with the wacky over there.

That's it. I'm feeling it ravage my head. Maybe I put too much.

Two more weeks and I'll start cursing at myself. I wonder how much worst it would seem there and how long would take for me to regain my bearings should I need to. I've been here in the UK for nearly four months now and that feels like quite a while. I can't say that I'll miss the lifestyle that I've lived over the past 4 months. Working in my brother's shop is so dreary and time consuming. And having my dad insisting on me to visit him every morning is such a nuisance. And that I don't know what to make of why I'm estranging my mother.

It's still early in the night, I could go for another doobie. It could really muck me up.

30 minutes later, I'm too lazy to go out of the window and onto the scaffolding that's surronding the house. I don't want to make it too obvious to my mum that I'm smoking up.

note: I bought my weed last week, and I haven't finished it yet! Years ago when I lived here I'd of smoked that up in a couple of days. And I've probably enough to last me till next Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Read! It's Good For Your Eyes