Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two More

Should be feeling the effects of the fine South-West wacky.

I'm in the UK and in two weeks should be going back to Baghdad. I'm getting told to stay in the UK by alot of people. Only my dad and Nahida back home are telling me to go back. I tell myself that I'm going back to finish a lesson or find that missing piece of me. I also think about how I'm halfway through college there, just two more years and I'll have a degree. And I've no fear of smoking my brains away another time with the wacky over there.

That's it. I'm feeling it ravage my head. Maybe I put too much.

Two more weeks and I'll start cursing at myself. I wonder how much worst it would seem there and how long would take for me to regain my bearings should I need to. I've been here in the UK for nearly four months now and that feels like quite a while. I can't say that I'll miss the lifestyle that I've lived over the past 4 months. Working in my brother's shop is so dreary and time consuming. And having my dad insisting on me to visit him every morning is such a nuisance. And that I don't know what to make of why I'm estranging my mother.

It's still early in the night, I could go for another doobie. It could really muck me up.

30 minutes later, I'm too lazy to go out of the window and onto the scaffolding that's surronding the house. I don't want to make it too obvious to my mum that I'm smoking up.

note: I bought my weed last week, and I haven't finished it yet! Years ago when I lived here I'd of smoked that up in a couple of days. And I've probably enough to last me till next Wednesday.

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