Friday, July 21, 2006

Bored In The UK

So it's Friday evening and I'm bored with nothing fun to do. And so here I am on my blog, a nice cosy place for whenever I've got nothing better to do. Oh yikes here come the nephews back from the park. The older one is a selfish, lying and stubborn little punk the other is just out of control and despite being very affectionate it's impossible to reason with him (the little bugger just sneezed on me and smiled).

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Pretty Warm Here Too

Sadly I'm not going to be posting during my stay here in the UK. I just can't be bothered, considering the amount of other things I could do instead.

I don't have an internet connection yet, it's going to take a few weeks. So right now I'm at my bro's. I'm having a good time here, despite not getting laid.

I think we're going through what the people here call a heat wave right now. Which means it's a bit too warm but not yet hot. Sure I'm sweating but the weather is just too perfect for drinking a beer under the shade of a tree. I've missed trees.

And I did end up smoking some weed. I shouldn't of but I did. Come on.