Sunday, April 10, 2005

CSS isn't the end

So nothing new in my life right now. Woke up late, had the intention of doing the accounts for the farm. I'm supposed to type the accounts written by Fozzy into the PC. The only problem is that I don't understand what he's written very neatly. So I need Nahida to read them out to me. She had been very busy while I was asleep and called it a day, so our work is postponed till tomorrow.

I gently burnt a patch of psoriasis on my finger with my cigarette today. Hoping that it would do something. So far it looks like it's going to turn into a little blister. Maybe I should try it on a more developed patch.

What I'm doing is pretty useless really. I've made a column each for the date, a description and an amount in Excel and I'm going to fill 'em up. The only thing I'll be able to do with the information is add it up. Which I guess is pretty cool. It's a start and Fozzy thinks that I'm doing something helpful, maybe he knows something I don't. I am however learning to type in arabic and working on my spelling. I've been at the microsoft site going through access tutorials thinking that it might help me do something useful in regards to the accounts of the farm.

The weather indoors is nice, not so warm as to make me sweat yet. I'm going to need a fan in my room. Kiki keeps telling me to get a fan installed into the ceiling of my room. I hate fans. I don't know why, but I hate them. I can't turn on the air conditioner yet because it needs to be cleaned. I wonder how they do that. The voices of many people echo in the back of my head crying out: "You idiot!"

I also spent the last couple of days trying to learn CSS from . I went through the whole thing, I didn't understand all of it, I can't memorize one bit of it, I don't know how I'm going to make use of it. Okay I'm going to try and turn the dark red titles on my posts to another colour right now! I've chosen an egg yolk colour instead. Yippee, I've done something. I also made some star appear when the mouse hoves over the title but undid it because it looked messy.

I've realised that I over-use some words. Such as 'really'. I think I'm using words without actually meaning them. My language skills are rotting I know it. I've spent too much time today in front of the computer screen. Must walk away. Oh yeah, there's a beer in my fridge. I bought it with Wazy a couple of nights ago. That container in Maamoun that was selling beer moved into a make shift store at the same location. It must be reaping loads of money, being the only booze store in the neighbourhood. Good for them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shaggy,

My new neighbor took all the fans out of her house.

She says she doesn't know why, but ceiling fans and also fish -- fish? -- have always freaked her out!

Good luck with the accounts. I do mine by hand because Office and Quicken and all those systems are so ugly... And, well, I don't have the patience to learn them...

Take care,
Tilli (Mojave Desert)