Tuesday, December 14, 2004

One Month Later

I went to Lebanon last month for a week. It was a horrible trip. I went there to apply for re-admission at my old uni. And today I got the reply. I got rejected. I was relying on pity to get me in. It really was a horrible trip.

Well maybe it's about time I give up on the idea of going to university.

I've started to do a little weight lifting. I had cut down on my smoking too to one pack a day. But a couple of days with the boys and I think I messed that up.

I've been popping paroxetine for the past few days too. That trip to Lebanon had brought me down. And already I think the effects of the pills are wearing off. Damn pills don't work.

As soon as I arrived, I took the piss out of Nahida and then she made reference to my mum. She's been trying not to talk to me for a few days, but she's growing weak, and will be doing all the things she's used to doing for me.

Tania left to Lebanon a day before I got back from Lebanon. Good for her, she's gone for good, on her way to Cyprus. Damn cunt, owes Nahida 200 bucks. Of which I was relying on paying for my internet monthly rate. Fortunately, when I called the ISP up to tell them that I can't afford this month's internet they said I could have it for free... hehehe.

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