Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moon and Planet (I think)

That was the view of the moon yesterday. There's, I think, a planet next to it.

Still have finals, Angus has been staying with me. Mum's gone, uncle is still here. He's got me rubbing cream on his back now (yuck).

Well knackered, just got two more finals to go, one tomorrow and the other Saturday. Saturday's was supposed to be last Saturday, but got postponed because of the curfew the day before the test. It looks like I'll be passing without any re-tests.

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chech said...

i think it's a planet too... or maybe it could be a bunny...

Don Cox said...

It's Venus.

Anonymous said...

It's Uranus...

tee hee.

Naw, It is Venus. (a couple of weeks or so ago, we saw it lined up moon, Venus, Saturn. pretty wild)

Good to have you back.

-- Tilli (Mojave Desert)

Anonymous said...

(Uhm, I guess that was only sorta funny if said with American accent...)

T (MD)