Friday, November 23, 2007

Poink Poink Poink

Didn't get far past those ten pages that I had already read earlier this morning. Chatted on the phone, jacked off, had a dump, Nahida made me chicken escallop, and now the movie I've been watching is over. Parts of me want to run away and escape, and other parts of me want things to fill up the voids. I really need to get the reading on. I guess I haven't done too bad so far. What I've done is better than nothing. I could get some more done before bedtime. I want to take a shower, but there's no hot water. The electricity has been quite scarce the past couple of days. Nahida said it came on around three in the morning last night.

I'm starting to feel bad now about not reading. So my first step is to turn of the television. Done that. I'm now trying to chat to that divorcee I mentioned earlier. Her net connection is rather wonky and keeps disconnecting. It seems her sister and her brother-in-law are always over at her home and she'd have to hide the chat window whenever they're peering over. I think I'm too bored to chat to anyone tonight. Too bored to chat and want to chat in the chance to rid myself of this feeling of boredom. There's so many things I could do. I could take pictures of the things around me and post them here. I could do some tidying up too. Try to remember what my dad wanted me to inquire the lawyer about something to do with the classification of some pieces of land. I need to make myself a proper to-do list perhaps, with long term to-dos. I should memorize the names in Arabic of some keywords regarding my thesis project, such as 'master schedule' and 'bill of materials'. I'm going to be so glad once this year is over.

I'm trying to decide if I should try to do something different with my blog. Perhaps put a lot more pictures of mundane things around me or changing the content to something that might get readers to respond to. I wonder how I would do that. The easy path would be to say something political, but I wouldn't want to do that. I'd need to do find some kind of original format or kind of discussion. Nope, can't be bothered. But someday, if I happen to have broadband or a lot of patience I'll try adding some pictures to old posts and maybe someone might want to share their frustration and pain when it comes to Kleenex that sticks to their dick after masturbating and how painful it is sometimes to rip it off.

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Peacepup said...

Hey Shaggy,
Where are you? I see no posts since this one just prior to our Thanksgiving holiday. I do hope everything is ok with you. I posted a comment on one of your posts from March 2005 not realizing how old it was at the time. :-)
Hope to see a post soon, miss you.