Saturday, December 29, 2007


Achievements of this year:

1. Survived and maintained what sanity I have.
2. Spent more time at the farm than I have ever done so before. And have finally accepted it as part of my life.
3. Didn't lose my mobile phone as I have done for the past couple of years in the month of December.
4. Passed one more year of college.

Failures of this year:

1. Didn't achieve independence from Nahida.
2. Didn't get a new passport nor go on vacation.
3. Didn't nail down Arabic grammar.

That's all I can think of aside from not getting laid at all, losing any weight around the waist, turning vegetarian, and quitting smoking, but none of those were actual goals this year.

How about setting some goals for next year...

1. Finish college.
2. Settle down in the farm.
3. Get a big television and a new laptop.
4. Finish the paperwork I started this summer.
5. Read a novel in Arabic.

All in all it was quite an uneventful and forgettable year.


Anonymous said...

likewise...i think i am actually 3 times worse off financially than at the beginning of the year, and virtually every venture i started this year turned into abuttfuckin headache, if not a complete failure..a fuckin useless year as far as i'm concerned...

Tilli (Mojave Desert) said...

Happy New Year, Shaggy!

(I'm just getting caught up on your last few posts. I suppose now -- after reading your car/bomb story -- I won't moan about the flat tire I had yesterday. Jaysis!)

All the best to you in 2008.