Sunday, April 19, 2009

The OverFlusher

Here we go with the first toilet. The missing seat is something that's quite common. I've used this toilet on a couple of occasions before to take a pee. It's all good until I flush and the water just flows out in such force that it just slightly overflows over the edges. Now that's not so bad when all one's done is take a leak, but it would be scary scary if one's to take a dump.


Anonymous said...

Yeh those are so common in the middle-east, and damn scary!

Thank heavens they never actually overflow but as the water level rises up you just wanna run out, i usually used to slam the lid down when i flushed.....ukhhhhaarrgh

Average American said...

That one doesn't look to bad if you don't have to sit on it. Sorry ladies!

Jeffrey said...


I'm doing this retrospective series on Iraq and you're in today's entry.

A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Bloggers: 2004.--

Thanks, Shaggy.

*down on knees*

I'm not worthy!