Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got back to the farm today. My three days of getting high are over, I left the stuff at home in Baghdad. Od's squirming since I didn't leave him any. He finally got himself a residence somewhere outside of Baghdad. He's just going to have to hope that we meet up in Baghdad some day soon.

Yesterday, Nahida's nephew took us to some guy that sucks out blood from one's back. It's supposed to be a very old sort of alternative healing called 'hijama'. Nahida went in saying I had back pains, which I don't really have these days, but it's true that I can't touch my toes. Need to stretch. High as I was, I just went along. The guy, who we'd call 'Sheikh' (as in a religious cleric), asked me where the pain was on a poster of the human body and I pointed at the lower back region. He lied me down on my side and shaved the area he was going to work on (I got a hairy back). He then pricked the area that he was going to suck from with a needle and placed a cup on the area all whilst reciting prayers and blowing on the area. From what I know is that they usually have put inside a candle or something to create a vacuum to suck the blood out, this guy however had a plunger thing with his cup with which he could just pull and create his vacuum at will.

Nahida wasn't at all impressed with the cleric and showed it which led the cleric to go through all sorts of nonsense to convince her. For example, that like women who menstruate their bad blood, men too have bad blood that needs to be ridden of and that it accumulates in the back. He'd show us the blood after it had been extracted and it'd look like a big lump though it was sucked out of the little pin pricks that he had made. Oh and after we were done with everything Nahida who is uncomfortable with me smoking up asked him if he could help chilling me out. So the guy told me to stare into his eye and then he grabbed my head for a moment and said I was okay. I was high.

My dad just called asking for the accounts. He's worse than the tax man. Well I'm now left with a big round hickey in the middle of my lower back and tomorrow I'm going to get myself working again.


San Antonio Cicily said...

I hope those needles were sterile and haven't been used previously on someone with aids or someother disease!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

er...ummm...okaaaaaay. Yup, you had to have been high to actually let him do that, Shaggy. :)

I think if you have a bad back, you might be better off getting a massager and doing some exercising to strengthen your core muscles. Unless you can find a good chiropractor. If you want a hickey, find a nice girl. ;)

And I hate to be a wet blanket, but I'd lay off the smoking too.

Average American said...

Blood letting, as it was called, was a big medical scam here in the U.S. back a couple of hundred years ago. The so-called doctor would use leeches to suck the blood out. YUCK! I can't imagine this did any thing good to you.