Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get a Job?

My dad let me have some money, not much compared to what I was expecting from our agreement that he's chosen to ignore. As a result, I don't feel myself obligated to the plantation any longer. And so, I'm supposed to be looking for a job now and a whole bunch of other things such as, the trouble is that I'm high. Right now I am.

I've never really taken the initiative to get a job. It's also the kind of thing I've always (and still do) imagined would just work itself somehow when the time comes. I'm not struggling or worrying too much about it thinking that the time will come when it will somehow sort itself out. But it's not going to happen like that, I'll start getting serious about it soon.

For the meantime, I'm making an effort to enjoy myself. Nahida got left behind at the plantation which is a bonus too. I wake up to a calm house that stays calm. My days start with a simple breakfast: some butter on toast with some tea and a joint. I try to stay at home quite a deal. My Ramadan stockpile of beer got finished by my friends. But I still have a small variety of spirits as well as a little bottle of green dragon (but mine's gold) that's waiting to be tried out.

I've also been trying to get a bit more serious with getting healthy. I've made a couple of salads and with some help they're coming out alright. I'm making it a point to play more Wii Fit as well, which I think has helped me avoid back pains. Occasionally, I get to play tennis, but then pain in my wrist sets in after half an hour of playing and I have to give up for a couple of days. I'm also hoping to go swimming soon too.

My sexual frustration has been taken care of too. She wasn't that pretty, but all in all it was a surprisingly better experience than I've had the last couple of times. The sex wasn't much fun, but to be relieved of pent up sexual frustration is something to be enjoyed.

Sav gave me the number of a pimp and I did all the rest all on my own, which is something I'm proud of. Some things did go wrong with the pick-up. The guard of a building that I'm acquainted with smiled at me as I walked past him and off with the girl to my car. I had made it so obvious what was going on that everyone on the street knew what was going on.

It's odd but I get the impression that there's something wrong with my perception of what it is that I can do as well as those things that I have achieved. I think I successfully managed the plantation, increasing production and making it more profitable, I made a big effort and I spent a whole big deal of my time but yet I feel I didn't do anything and achieved nothing for myself. In the end, I don't see myself as being any much more able a person.

I'm an able person however, I made salad. I'm slowly tidying up my home too. I'm noticing that there's a lot of junk in the house that's managed to blend into the house. It's difficult getting rid of junk simply because it's been there for so long, and so I'm doing it very slowly and it's making a difference. Having less junk cluttering up home is nice and I'm slowly adding things that are worth having around. Such as a vegetable peeler and curtains for my room. I didn't imagine they'd make such a big difference to the room's atmosphere.

So for now, I just want to keep reminding myself to enjoy myself something that I didn't feel I could do when I had to burden responsibilities back at the plantation. I want to focus more on enjoying myself for a while longer rather than getting a job. And if I make getting a job fun then all the better.


Don Cox said...

I can't see you enjoying any standard 9 to 5 job. Something less regular would be better.

Your strong point is your excellent writing. Your weak point is not having a degree, which cuts out a lot of jobs.

I reckon you did a good job of managing the farm, but it just wasn't your thing. It's no good trying to force oneself to do work without some kind of personal interest or satisfaction.

I do wonder if you are in the right country. It seems to me that you think like a Brit and not like an Iraqi.

Cooking is always worth learning. It's the only art that everyone appreciates.

Don Cox said...

Sorry, I was forgetting that you did get a degree in the end.

Jeffrey said...


You absolutely deserve to kick back for a while after running the plantation. You busted your butt on that. So take it easy for now. At the same time, keep your ear open for any job possibility. I'm not sure how it works in Iraq, but I imagine having a few connections wouldn't hurt.


Cindy Jackson Jones said...

What is it with bloggers and posting all these depressing thoughts? At 28, you have everything to be happy about!

Shaggy said...

I thought this post was more positive than most of my others lately!

Anonymous said...

Shaggy, do you ever consider going back to England?

Shaggy said...

Up until recently, I kept the idea of going back to England off the table completely. But now that I've done college and did my stint with the family plantation, it's become a serious option. Anyone else would've gone in an instant, but I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Afraid to leave Iraq for England? Please write about that! From my American perspective that seems odd but I would love to know ehat you are thinking in that regard. I am a long-time fan of your blog and get scared when you go too long without writing. Iraq seems so dangerous.