Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All That's Down There

Baghdad's hot again! It didn't take long. I've got the air conditioning running in the car and in my room when electricity permits. We're in mid-March, you'd think that would be a bit too early for hot sweaty weather. It's going to be a hot summer this year from the looks of it.

Grooming's always been one of those things I'm no good at. I was the last one in high school to figure out that the deodorant can that I had bought in England just before coming to Iraq wasn't something to be used only on occasion. The majority of Iraqis at the times seemed not to use deodorant during those sanction days and the most horrible thing about going to a busy government office was putting up with the smell of armpits.

A while back, my friend and I got a couple of prostitutes. I keep telling myself that it'll be the last time. It always ends up being a bad experience. This one oddly insisted that I join her in the shower before going to sleep, not a pretty site. But before that, in the bedroom, the girl told me that I should shave my pubic hair, showing off her own private area which to me looked like a whole lot of stubble. I personally think that porn stars look best when they have their pubic hair neatly trimmed. Totally hairless, is of course better, but that stubble's going to re-appear after the movie's over isn't.

The thought of shaving my pubic hair stuck in my mind. Maybe it's those things that everyone does. I remember one of my religious friends told me it was the Islamic thing to do. Islam's big on being clean, shame they don't preach more about it and on how to keep your city clean. At home, mum mentioned how men use hair removal products to rid themselves of their body hair these days. So bored at my Nais's house, I did a quick search about it, didn't find much material. One article mentioned using a clipper to remove armpit hair. Never tried removing my arm pit hair either. The article said it keeps the body cooler and saves on deodorant.

So I gave it a shot, I used a clipper to remove my arm pit and pubic hairs. First thing I noticed was that the skin folding under my armpits was a bit sticky, quickly solved with a t-shirt, and then I realised that shaving one's pubic hair takes out all the fun out of putting one's hand down his pants. There was also a sense of emptiness down there too, the cushioning fluff was gone. I'm not totally convinced that I'm going to save on deodorant however, I think I'm using more now as a result.

It took me a while to get used to having my pubic hair gone in the sense that I didn't masturbate for a while. I'm over that now and I'm downloading some porn with lots of shaved pussy. There's also No More Heroes 2 to play too.


JG said...

I realised that shaving one's pubic hair takes out all the fun out of putting one's hand down his pants


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shaggy you can be so existential and then turn around the next post and be such the opposite! LOL!! I, an American woman, once got into bed with a Muslim man, and when I reached down to - well, you know - was absolutely shocked and horrified to see he had shaved! I freaked!! Then he freaked - I think he thought he was doing me a favor or something. It was a dealbreaker. That was before Brazilian waxes became popular. No more fantasies about Shaggy...

Jeffrey said...


If your man-bush is a bit wild, I suggest perhaps trimming the really long hairs and lone stragglers sprouting from your ball-sack. I do not support, however, completely shaving off your man-bush.

The current fashion these days is for women to trim their woman-bush into a kind of streamlined soul-patch. Today, when one peruses vintage porno from the sixties and seventies, one notes immediately the tremendously fluffy bushes on the dames -- very exotic.