Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I Hate Traffic

Omar came over this morning and woke me up. Somehow the 4 hours of sleep I received were sufficient to start off the day. Omar finally has finally passed and is now a graduate of Baghdad University's English Department. He's got no plans what to do next, so until he God strikes him with lightening, he'll be working in his brother's mobile phone store. And also, K's back from his trip to Europe. His dad's been assigned to work at the London embassy but the questions poses itself upon K whether he should stay working at CNN or go study in the UK.

We watched TV and had lunch. My acupuncturist arrived, poked needles into me and left after a half an hour, of course he took out the needles on his way out. India arrives a little later. India called so because he used to live in India.

Approaching 6 pm I decided it was a good time to go see my uncle who lives in Jadriya to show him where I've got to. India was supposed to go to the gym and Omar to his mobile shop but they both chose to stay at my place and would stay till I got back.

Alright I'm was in Qadissiya heading towards the Jadriya Bridge and there was a traffic jam, so I backtrack a little to the Bayaa exchange and I find another traffic jam, I continue traveling in the opposite direction of Jadriya. And yet another traffic jam at near Nafiq Alshourta (Cops tunnel I think in English) which would of lead me to the BIA highway which connects to the Jadriya Bridge. So I call up K, it is great having an international news agency just a call away, to ask him what's the dillio. Apparently there was a bomb or something on the highway and they've closed off the highway till they clean up the mess. Called up uncle and drove home.

Got home, India and Omar still there, one of them was using the internet and the other watching TV. They stayed till about 9 pm. Now that they were gone it was time to play a little utopia, we had set today to declare hostilities with another kingdom, but we had yet to pick which kingdom. So after an hour of searching and debating among ourselves through mIRC, we got ourselves a kingdom to declare hostile relations with. And just as our king was to declare; the electricity cut off. For a second I think of turning the electric generator on, but then I realize this is the best opportunity for me to finally get some decent sleep.

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