Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Trip To My Uni and The Computer Market

Woke up late as is the usual, K was on the phone, he told me to ditch the acupuncturist and meet up with him and the others at some restaurant which I didn't know in an area which used to be posh, now it's pretty dead and going through a decline, it's filled with restaurants with lousy service and unbearable prices. After I got off the phone, Nahida who had woken me up to pass me the phone was still facing me, I told her that K was telling me to have lunch with him and the lads. She told me that it would be rude to ditch the doctor. Ah well, I just went back to sleep.

Woke up again half an hour before the doctor's appointment, called K to apologize, and took my medicine. Funny I don't remember waking up to take my 9 AM dose, but Nahida swears she woke me up and made me take them.

A few hours later I stirred enough motivation to go cut my hair. Half way to the barber I change my mind, go home and drag Nahida to a hair doctor that a barber told me about. We found his clinic with ease. I got coned into buying an off-the-shelf shampoo, a herbal conditioner, some ridiculous multi-vitamins containing 5 times the RDA and some ampoules to be applied to my hair once a week.

I spent the rest of the evening and the night not doing anything productive. My internet doesn't work, which usually takes up most of my free time. I'm out of ink, so I couldn't print out any of the stuff I've been intending to read. TV was the only thing left. And all things considered it didn't really matter much that I had little to do considering I was out of petrol and therefore couldn't run the electric generator, that and the electricity was extremely bad that night, 3 hours on and 3 hours off I think. At around 4 AM I got a little peckish so I prepared myself some labneh imported from Turkey.

At 7 in the morning I went out to get petrol and to do all the little things I've been postponing for many weeks. First thing was to go to college and find out what the deal was. And as usual, I got there too early. Any later and I would've got caught in traffic. I had to wait over an hour till the registrar arrived for him to give me my grades. I got 3 average, 3 good, and 1 excellent. I needed the marks in numbers so that I could send a university application to Canada, but the marks weren't ready.

I inquired about extra-curricular computer courses. The guy in charge was very friendly and although no courses were being offered at the moment he said he'll contact me when they do. He also suggested that I speak to the dean if I wanted to apply to study an IT course offered by the university with the participation of the University of Edinburgh. So I went to the dean's office, I spoke my case to the dean's secretary, she came back telling me that it was impossible since I was a liberal arts student and that the dean was too busy to see me right now. I spent another 20 minutes trying to get a better picture of how impossible it was. I eventually gave up, thanked her for her patience and walked out. Just as I walked out, I remembered a little something I heard from a friend a couple of weeks ago. So I went back to her and asked her if were possible for me to join if I were to use a different nationality, she suggested it was possible and that I would have to ask the registrar. I don't really like the registrar, so I'll leave it to someone else to ask him.

I then went to the computer market that is located near my university, bought myself a USB memory stick, a web cam and a finally an ink cartridge. Bumped into an old acquaintance, he was very helpful in picking me a great deal on the memory stick and finding my car. My memory is getting very bad especially approaching bedtime. My acupuncturist is going to easily my memory problem, but what bothers me is that I'm sleeping about 7 hours only. He's convinced that that's more than enough, but I'm pretty certain that at my age it should be more like 9 hours. What's even stranger is that I'm not getting tired either.

On my way back I bought some groceries and paid off my internet membership for the month past and the month to come. I had a little time left before my acupuncturist's appointment, so I passed by my uncle's and talked over my options for the year to come. We concluded that the best was for me to take the IT courses offered at my university and to ditch Business Admin. I'm quite happy with that especially since I'll be able to apply whatever I learn by helping out my uncle.

The acupuncturist was half an hour late. Nahida told him about our trip to the hair doctor, which lead to the acupuncturist insisting that I employ his method. The acupuncturist, of Syrian origin, is a simple guy and definitely a weirdo, he's one of those people that buy into conspiracy theories and that the Jews must all be killed off because they want to take over the world and are in the process of that. He spent some time in Pakistan, which I think is the reason why I find his way of thinking very uncomfortable. I haven't had much experience with Indians and Pakistanis but every time I do, I'm left confused and frustrated.

I spent an hour waiting for Nahida to make me some breakfast but she was too busy and eventually I just passed out on an empty stomach.

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