Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Hate Ramadan

Yay it's ramadan. I hate ramadan. I'm not a religous person. Everybody that knows me admits that asking me if I'm fasting is a stupid question, but they ask anyway.

So what's different about ramadan. Most of the differences only take effect during the day. Going over to my friend's house is uncomfortable since it's impolite to smoke in front of them. Can't smoke, drink or eat in public out of fear that some psycho extremists come and teach me a lesson. At dusk everyone's busy eating, usually I've already had lunch so I'm not hungry and I really don't like going over to a friend's house at such a time cause then their parents would start asking me why I don't fast and so on. Oh and the big difference is.... no shops to buy booze are open. The only upside that I've noticed so far is that traffic is a lot better now.

I'm sooo bored. I've got to stop watching TV and mucking about on my PC, and instead read a book or atleast stare at the ceiliing and contemplate life.

I had completely forgotten that I had created a blog account until today. So I've posted the week running from 20th to 27th of september that I had been typing out for my own sake.


Anonymous said...

Dammit. I hate it too. I'm actually fasting though. It's good and it supposedly cleanses your soul. Other than that, it kinda detox's me from ciggies and booze. Time's going by so freakin' slow when you're not eating.

Anonymous said...

I really hate Ramadan. What a fucking waste of time, such a fake month.

I used to fast for years and realised a couple of years ago what a complete waste of time it was (I used to do all that prayer and supplication as well during Ramadan, including staying up all night during the last ten nights). Ramadan used to break me - spiritually, physically and mentally.

I fear the advent of Ramadan all year. You are forced to fast in Ramadan because it's more of a communal/collective act than a private act.

Ramadan fucks up your routine: having to wake up sooooo early and then starve yourself until night, it really kills. It fucks up your studying and can really affect your work.

Ramadan is a real low point for me, especially spiritually. It is the only month in which I get depressed and the only month in which I would fall underweight (the doctor would tell me to stop fasting in Ramadan for fear of damaging of my health).

Ramadan is such a fake time of year as are the vast, vast majority of people who observe it like lemmings. I have never met anyone who has changed or improved as a result of Ramadan.

San Antonio Cicily said...

Thats funny "psycho extremists". Well I finally had a chance to sit down and start reading your blog from the beginning and I was right that you weren't raised in Iraq and your arabic is so so. I don't mean that in a bad way I was just curious about your background! I have an Iraqi friend and he's not very religious at all either he drinks smokes and well "you know" LOL.

Anonymous said...

How sad are you people,

Ramadan brings you closer to your people and to Allah.

Its the month when the quran was brought time. Its the month when the quran is read most. It cleanses you from all the bad stuff.

Smoking,chewing,watching porn etc.

Its the time when the amount of deeds are highest!

Its sad how pll bixch about how hard it is to fast and blahh blahh

-____-' Its helps your digestive system by giving it a dang break..
and setting the muslims apart from the non believes who quote "eat like sheep"

I rather fast then whine about fasting on a blog.


Anonymous said...

I agree I hate Ramadan, messes up everyone's schedule. Most people do it only because they feel embarrassed to not do it. I also get hit up for idul fitri cash from everybody. to me Ramadan is just a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I fucking Ramadan too. I mean I havent fasted since 2001 or 2003 (cant remember exactly) but I hate this bullshit month with vengeance. The reason being I have be careful about eating food at lunch time incase some asshole from the community sees me and decides to spread rumors about me being a bad muslim etc. Well anyway fuck Islam and fuck ramadam and fuck not being a so called good muslim. Like I give a shit.

Anonymous said...

I hate Ramadan because my husband goes thru nicotine and Suva withdrawal. I'm not Muslim, I never converted but it's the time of year we become violent. Yesterday we were at the car dealership getting an oil change and I was planning our 4 yr anniversary. He said he wanted to go to sea world and I said you've never been to sea world? He yelled "you're to hue is like a knife!" and he walked out. Driving home we argued and started hitting eachother and since I was driving he called our therapist to tell on me and then called my mother and cried. What is the point to Ramadan? He doesn't pray he doesn't wake up and eat an adequate Amt of fat or protein or drink enough water to sustain him. It brings us closer and closer to divorce. I hate Ramadan it ruins marriage. It's the only time of year he cooks anything at all, he uses every single dish in the kitchen and does not wash one dish. The kitchen floor is greasy from fried food and ofcourse he doesn't eat left overs so there is so much waste. Before he comes home I'm required to defrost his meat and peel his potatos.... But ask him if he's ever helped me once with a birthday or any of my holidays. F this!

Anonymous said...

I meant nicotine and sugar withdrawal. And he told menmy tongue is like a knife

Anonymous said...

I'm an ex-muslim atheist and I fucking hate Ramadan... I have to eat secretly throughout this bullshit month and crap... this month is so stupid and it just shows how idiotic muslims are, believing that god has order them to not eat until sunset -.-", what a fucking bunch of morons... I fucking hate the motherfucker who came up with this fucking idea -.-

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