Friday, October 22, 2004

I like Otard

Hell yes it's my birthday! I'm 23 today yay. A very good reason to buy expensive booze after several weeks of sobriety. I ditched all my friends so that I could tidy up my room and e-mail those colleges in Canada. 2 have replied so far, one was automated and although the second seemed automated it didn't claim to be so.

I watched that movie with Katie Holmes during dinner, and oh my gosh it sucked, probably the worst movie I saw since the last Katie Holmes movie I saw. So now that I've had my dinner, I'm drinking my fancy bottle of cognac.

First time I drink cognac I think. I don't know if it's because I haven't drunk in a long time or if it's the type of booze itself, but it hit me from the first swig.

I'm supposed to consume the bottle over 3 days, but I kept the bottle sideways in the freezer and the cork got soaked and flakey. After I poured out the cork, I guess I'll have to drink the whole bottle tonight since the cap is broken, oh dear.

So what have I got lined up for tonight... I'm planning to have one of those spontaneous nights yes I am. That's never worked out well in Baghdad. Maaayyyybeee not then.

And so the night is young, but not in this part of the world. oooh no the electiricity is going to cut off soon. got to post.

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