Saturday, May 21, 2005

Slob log 14667

It was one year ago today. That I created my blogspot account. I considered taking oppurtunity of this occasion to do a little retrospective on the last year but considering that I only really started posting in September of last year I won't.

The car is nearly working. It's just leaking a little petrol. Something that should be a problem to fix.

I spoke to my dad a few days ago. He told me that when he comes back to Baghdad he'll write me a right-of-attorney. And then I'll finally take control of what's left of his wealth. Mwhaahaha. He also said that any proceeds from the farm will ultimately wind up into my hands. I think he's encouraging me to go there.

Kiki left a few days ago to Amman for a month, to attend someone's wedding. His on-line girlfriend will be in Alexandria at the same time. Even though I don't think he would, he might go and visit her.

I went to some place with Nahida and the carpenter that's doing our house to buy a couple of sinks for the kitchen. I put to force my opinion and bought a black kitchen sink instead of the very typical aluminium one that's found in every single home in Iraq.

My dad has been spending money on the house we live in for a long time now. And there are so many flaws. I really want to bring down any more spending on it. Nahida is now suggesting that we sell the chairs in the guest hall and make new ones to my taste. And even though they're ugly and uncomfortable I don't want to go ahead with it especially since they're rarely used.

I'm at an internet cafe right now. My internet connection at home hasn't been working for 5 days because of some fault at the server. I tried 3 internet cafes till I got to the one I'm at now.

The first one is just a couple minutes walk away from my home (I don't even need to walk on to the main street). They've good PCs and is usually packed. Today however, they too had a problem with their connection.

The second one I hadn't been to in a long time, it was the first one near my home, and was a bit weird. The management were a bunch of Iraqis from the UK. They had packed the cafe with 40 PCs but somehow never have I seen more than half of them being used at the same time. They had weird PCs on which you couldn't right-click on the taskbar and weren't allowed to download any software onto.

The third one I went to was the first cafe to open up in the neighbourhood. It's a bit of a walk to get to. I was hoping to see the cute chick that used to work there. But instead I found an old woman. There was a little girl of about 15 years of age that I remember seeing from the days that I used to go there. I think she's the owner's daughter. She seemed to be doing all the work. The PC I used sucked. The mouse wasn't optical and for some reason I had to use the keyboard to switch windows. And Yahoo messenger didn't want to sign-in. So I quickly left knowing there a couple more cafes within a minutes reach.

Then I came to this third cafe that I had never been to. Everything's fine except the shakey display. I called these guys up to ask if they offer wireless internet a couple of days ago. I can't remember what these guys said. Somehow the paper I had jotted the responses of the different people I called about the subject got lost. It was either we'll call you back or it costs 50 bucks a month. I already pay $45 bucks and I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.

India found some jokes about whores that Am sent me within the past few days and began wondering how slutty she is. She (Am) gave me a missed call last night. So I called her back. The coversation was boring for me and I really don't understand what the girl wants from me. Of all the girls that want to speak to me it had to be the one with no breasts and a big ass.

Am is a creepy girl, she's the niece of one of my dad's creepy woman-friend. Without prior knowledge of her existence she came into my room 3 years ago. We chatted, she gave me these 'I love you' eyes, I held her hand and wondered why her breasts were so small. On her way out she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and walked out. I was supposed to attend a birthday party of one of her friends the next day. But at the time, I wasn't quite stable in the head and she freaked me out, and so I didn't go after hanging up plenty to times in her face.

She came a couple more times to my house after that. She would take off her hijab because I didn't like it. The second and third time I met her I was more honest with her and so was she. She wanted us to have a relationship that was heading directly for marriage, and that was something I definitely didn't want. After that I didn't hear from her much, until recently.

I've finally solved my sleeping problems with the use of pills. I had some pills that I was supposed to pass onto my senile grandma years ago. They're some kind of anti-anxiety pills. And since I think my trouble going to sleep is anxiety related. I read the pamphlet and it said in case of trouble going to sleep pop 2mg. So I did and it worked.

The cafe is going to close now, it's only 9:30pm. The punks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaggy, this is the first time I read your blog. Although you are only speaking about your everyday life and what you see and do, I don't find it boring at all. I don't have enough time to read all the posts since I am working for my exams and have no time at all for everything else, but I get back to read them once this fuss is over. Take care and don't sleep alot..

Fayrouz said...

Hi Shaggy,

Happy 1st blog birthday.