Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dreaded Conversation

Just had that dreaded conversation with Suzy over the phone. And so finally got the answer got the answer to what our relationship is, but it had a Pandora's box kind of effect. It's both our fault that we've avoided the matter for so long. So I don't love her but consider her a great friend, she on the other hand actually did grow attached to me.

Now this wouldn't be much of a problem in a normal world and it isn't really a problem for me. But the deal is that everybody thinks that we're boyfriend/girlfriend. And when we stop hanging out together next year, it's going to have negative repercussions on her. People might say that I duped her. Oh and she's been telling her close friends that she loves, and now that I think about it, why hasn't she told me.

She did once send me a SMS message that said something like "100% complete, you're fully loaded onto my heart". The day after she sent it, she asked me what I thought of it, and I told her it was sweet.

I just called her Sandy and asked her to check up on Suzy. Sandy is her best-friend.

I really fucked up the conversation with Suzy at the end. She was still laughing until very close to the end. She says she's going to think about whether we can be friends next year and that she'll give me an answer next time we talk.

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