Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm feeling somewhat elated this week-end. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, maybe I'll crash in a couple of days.

I've spent most of the week-end in my bed reading about some of the subjects I'm studying in a couple of old A-level textbooks. It's a bit odd to see that the A-level books go into more detail than the what I'm studying at college. Well that's Iraqi education for you.

Got a massive zit building up on the inside of my thigh. It was a little lump for the past couple of months until last Thursday. It's a case of folliculitis. Not the first time it happens to me. To avoid any further friction on the spot I'm covering it with a nicotine patch. I've finally got the hang of sticking one on without having it fall off. If it pops and I don't clean the mess straight away I could get another.

The nicotine patch is also having some effect. I've cut down from two packs to only one pack a day. I know it's wrong to continue smoking while on the patch, but I'm not trying to quit. I have to admit it's nice to relax those worn out lungs a bit.

The fight for independence from Nahida is still going strong. I haven't had her make me a single meal except on Thursday morning when she made me a heavy breakfast of eggs and basterma because I was to get a new filling and wouldn't be able to eat on that side of my mouth for the rest of the day. Today for example I had drove out to get a Lahma bi Ajeen (translates to "meat in bread" and is like a light minced beef pizza) in the morning, on the way home I also got some bread and had a big peanut butter and jam sandwich. And for dinner I had a tuna sandwich.

The fight against her bad vibes is also going good. She says that what I'm going through is a result of the change of weather and that'll pass as if it's something bad. Where as I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and motivated than I've felt in a long time. I'm actually getting some studying done in my free time for the first time since I've come back from my summer trip, I'm sleeping better and I'm not over-eating anymore.

We've had rather cool weather during the weekend and today it rained which I think is a bit odd considering that it's mid-March. I just hope that the coming week ahead isn't going to be a whole lot hotter than last week. And this zit I've got better not decide to pop while I'm at college.

I should say that I finally must admit if I haven't already, I must be a bleeding hypochondriac. Every week, I find something wrong with my body. There's that lingering rash on my chest that I've had since 2001 or 2002 and I still haven't checked out what's the deal with that bump on the underside of my wrist. The thing can hurt sometimes. At least I got that filling that's been waiting for nearly a year to get done. I just got to go to the dentist one more time to take care of the final touches.

I was about to start reading the last bits of the economics chapter that I set out to read since yesterday but I picked up the phone and called Suzy. She finally asked me a question that she said she asked me before: whether I 'fancied' her or was 'in love' with her. I told her that she was a best friend to me that I was also physically attracted to. She wasn't very content with the answer saying that a physical attraction must be accompanied by feelings of love. I elaborated by saying I was in between 'fancying' her and 'loving' her. She sang a line of a song that described that she regretted meeting me. I then asked the same question she had asked me and she said she more than fancied me but less than loved me. So if what we've said was true to our feelings we've got a mutual thing going on. I asked her if I could still give her a kiss over the phone, she said it was fine.

One thing Suzy previously pointed out was that since we're in the same class it's harder for us to disconnect. It's true, and we've got a small class too. I do regret having moved on her too. I might have been more willing to try my luck elsewhere if I wasn't stuck in this cozy and no fun relationship with Suzy. And with summer starting up, I'm going to have to deal with the sight of her chest hair which I caught a reminding glimpse of a few days ago.

Oh bugger! I just noticed the electricity came back on, so I turned off the generator off. And the electricity just went off. I should just go to sleep anyway. Where's the off switch for this elated state I'm in?


Konfused Kid said...

you're still as great as ever, I can't wait for you to bed the chest-haired girl with the christian name.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy reading your posts but it seems there is a problem with your email contact which i have been trying almost for the last two month to ask you something but its not working and dont know how to contact u!!!

anyway hope you succed with your fight of your independence and college.

Shaggy said...

A few days I noticed that the e-mail link on my profile went missing and I fixed it.

For some reason my e-mail address isn't spelled out. You need to float the mouse over the word 'Email' in the profile and then take a look at the bottom of your browser where it'll say: "".

Otherwise you could PM me with the Yahoo thingie provided below the Email link on my profile page.