Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dehydrated Thoughts

Dehydrated... just a little drunk really. Electricity has been good of late, could it be the state's Eid present or is it because the weather has cooled down? Maybe, in my neighbourhood it's good and in some other neighbourhood people are cursing because they hadn't had any for a week. Because wouldn't it be a cunning trick to not have everyone complain at the same time.

I've got trouble adapting. The shift from the farm back to the city, I'm not too good at it. I hate moving. It's why I hate traveling. It takes me about a week to settle in and for my grumpiness to subside.

I know there's some soft drink in the fridge to drink. It would be so good right now. I'm looking forward to beginning college. I met another girl online this summer, and she tells me she attends the same college and knows who I am. She's not revealing who she is to me. Which does make for a fun situation for a bit. She says she's even talked about me with her friends last year, telling her friends that I look like her uncle.

Nahida's been re-arranging the house. She's had all the rugs put in. It's the kind of thing that's done once summer is over. She says some of these rugs are worth thousands of dollars. I dropped a cigarette on one of them yesterday.

Last night, I slept in my bedroom instead of the living room for the first time since the heat began. The trouble with sleeping in my bedroom is that the generator is right outside of it, making it even more impossible to sleep. But the climate is much better now and I don't need to run the generator to run the fan to go to sleep anymore.

It's nearly two in the morning now and that juice in the fridge is waiting for me, and I don't want to sleep too late either.


BrianFH said...

3 suggestions:
1. Drink lotsa water before going to bed after drinking; alcohol pulls water out of your brain cells and makes you stupid and hung over.
2. For cigarette burns on rugs: get a small pair of strong scissors and carefully snip away the burned fibres. It will leave a little dimple in the "nap", but no brown mark.
3. For your reorientation after moving: circulate around your environment, looking deliberately at specific things and then touching them. Continue until a sensation of settling and brightening occurs.

Aram said...

Nahida says some of these rugs are worth thousands of dollars. I dropped a cigarette on one of them yesterday.lol
Man, you are so funy,i love reading your posts..take care