Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Holidaying

Today we've had a lot of electricity. More than an hour in one go. I think it's been on at least for two or three hours now. And Nahida said that it came on for several hours whilst I was sleeping this morning. All this compared to the months of the occasional hour or two a day.

I'm still on holiday. I attended Sunday and Monday of last week and then it seemed everyone was decided on skipping the rest of the week and to resume classes the next Sunday, that being last Sunday. I tried to go to college last Sunday, but the road I took was blocked off for the sake of the pilgrims and so I went on Monday and by taking a different road. Traffic was noticeably lighter than usual as a cause of the pilgrimage and a lot of the shops in Karada were closed including the falafel place I was hoping to have lunch from. This week we're not having classes on account of the pilgrimage and of the slight chance the government calls for a curfew in the middle of the day.

And the electricity just went out.

I've started playing Scarface on my Wii. It's a lot like GTA Vice City which is fun and yet a bit tedious. But it's killing my time. My Wii is pissing me off because of the lack of good games available. It's bad enough that it doesn't have such a big number of decent titles, but the worst part is that nobody's bringing any games to Iraq. And I can't download the games either because my net connection is too slow.

Kala's back from Egypt. He got back a couple of days ago, and I passed by to say hello to him yesterday. He looks quite happy to be back. He wasn't really doing anything back there. His parents used to lock him up at home and never let him out and it seems like he's going to go back to that treatment. Even though he seems to be happy to be back, I wonder if he's going to be able to cope with being cooped up again after having had his freedom to go out back in Egypt.

My cousin in Erbil is getting engaged and I've got to attend some sort of gathering at her dad's house on Friday I think. And on Sunday I've got to go to the passport office and apply for a new passport. It's been over a year that I haven't got one. But it's just my luck, that I must go to college on the same day for some review on the progress of my project. Nahida's going to get in touch with the college and explain to them that I can't make it. But I think I could perhaps finish with the passport office in time to make it to college.

This extended holiday has been rather good actually, I've been able to laze about quite a lot. And now that Nahida's brother got released a couple of days ago, my car will be fixed as soon as his health recovers.


Average American said...

Damn you Shaggy! I just spent hours reading your blog when I should have been sleeping. Best damn fun I've had reading in a long time. The best was last years post about your sub woofer!! I'm still laughing. Hey, good luck getting laid dude. I'll be back now that I know where you are.

Iraqi Mojo said...

You have a great blog, Shaggy. I added you to my list of good peeps.

Jeffrey said...


I'm not sure if you really want more people stopping by, but I went ahead and posted an introduction to your blog over at Iraqi Bloggers Central. You might get a few more readers.

Shaggy Daze.

from a fan,

Jeffrey Schuster
Iraqi Bloggers Central


Anonymous said...

I'll still reading , yes I WILL ,


Shaggy said...


Oh, it's so tempting to gloat...

I'm honoured by the introduction you posted. It was a pleasure to read and very well done. I should perhaps put a permanent link to it somewhere on my blog.

I don't regularly read blogs, so when someone spends hours reading mine, it is indeed flattering.

So thanks to you and everybody else for enjoying my blog.

Jeffrey said...


I can't tell you how much fun it was to write that blog entry. The first time I read through your blog entries, I took notes and marked noteworthy passages, knowing that at some point I would write up something for the readers at Iraqi Bloggers Central. I finally got around to it over the weekend, and I have to say I was laughing so hard when I wrote those one-sentence summaries of your blog entries (I'm one of those goofballs who laughs at his own writing). Your writing is so honest and intriguing, those summaries were easy and fun to write.

Hey, yeah, maybe a link on your sidebar to the IBC blog entry on you is not such a bad idea. It does a pretty good job -- thankyou,thankyou -- of introducing new readers to what you're all about.

Blog on!

Jeffrey Schuster
Iraqi Bloggers Central


Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I just read about the bombing and hope you are well, Shaggy.