Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Things That Bother Me With My Life

How do these people tolerate their miserable lives in this country? Why does it feel like I'm the only one who is so unhappy with things and in other words why can't I find myself a normal girl to sleep with. It's not just that really, but then again it might be just that.

My dad's coming in just a few more days. I'm very angry and I'm going to direct most of it at him. Usually he's the one that gets angry at me, but I've got so much anger piled up that I'm not even going to give him the chance to have a go at me. I'll admit there's only myself to blame for letting my life lead me to where I am.

I've never felt so much anger within me. Except for a certain time and that was because I was drugged up. Anger can be utilized as a good motivator.

Ever smelled the wonderful scent of a dead rat? It is horrible! It's worse than the smell of a few days old corpse. That's what the kitchen and the corridor here at my place at the plantation smells of right now. I'm surprised the smell is never followed by that of vomit. That smell is like a bad memory, I mean just remembering it smells bad.

I'm also angry at the government. They make my job so much harder because of their incompetence and bureaucracy and their idiotic methods to stifle fraud. Every single farmer as well as I feel that the government is trying its best to make things harder on us.

For example today, I had to go through about eleven people to get a government document permitting me to purchase new wheat seeds from a mixed sector seed company.

Will continue this later...maybe


Don Cox said...

Iraqis just don't seem to do "girl friends" like we do in Britain. Maybe you would be best with a girl from the diaspora, but you might have to marry her. I can't see you getting along well with a girl who has spent all her life in the Iraqi countryside.

I bet your dad had big rows with his dad.

Sorry, just thougfhts about things that are none of my business really.

Good luck with sorting out your world. You deserve it.

Shaggy said...

To be honest, I know very little about my father's with his father. My father seems very fond of him, to the point that he had a book published about him recently.

On the other hand, I was recently surprised to hear that my grandfather did have a row with his father and moved to the other side of the river.

Thanks for pointing that out. I should investigate my father's relationship with his dad. It might help make some more sense of things.

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