Saturday, January 22, 2005

And from the UK

I'm at my bro's place now, not much going on. Just had a late lunch with him at his home. He's off for a snooze. And once I'm off the pc I'll be left to the mercy to those kids of his. One of them is trying to get into the room. And he finally did. Annoying little bugger hehehe.

I'm spending my time watching videos and eating too much.

I found a diary of mine dating to 1992. I must've been about 10 years old. It's got less than 10 entries, the first ones were written in the uk and the rest in Paris.

I called Dan and told him that I was going to stay at his place hehehe. Daniel is the guy with whom I wound up in several British bases in the south of Iraq following the war, as a result of a failed attempt to get him out of the country through Kuwait.

Pay 9 bucks for a pack of cigarettes, not me! I'm smoking rollies or my brother's cigarettes. It's good that he's finally started buying cigarettes.

Mum keeps telling me stay here in the UK, which I could be an option if I don't get accepted by LAU. I could get a crap job, do an open university thing, and things might not be too bad. As I get older it's getting alot harder to dream of being somebody succesful.

I'm a bit glad that I'm not in Baghdad right now, they haven't had running water for a week now. And that's a first since the war.

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