Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Tummy

5 am here, i'm really tired, my tummy wants me to go the toilet i think. I finally finished that bottle of Jim Bean, I'm guessing it wasn't the real thing. I've got mosquitos in my room. Things are blowing up alot around town.Dad's decidedfor us to go to Lebanon this coming Saturday. I've tempted him to take us to the UK. He sees it as an oppurtunity to go to Germany to see somebody. I've managed to stop biting my nails for a week, but i'm back to it today. Must must stop. I'm thinking of how to lead my new life in Lebanon, but me being who I am, all those ideas probably won't come to be.

Life's pretty quiet over here as usual. I've left my home a couple of times over the last week. And oh my god, the traffic is horrendous. It took me 2 and a half hours to get to uni. It used to take me half an hour. And the other time, I tagged along with my friends India and K because we were all invited to Omar's little graduation party at home.

It was the day that the car bomb blew up near the president's place which is in my neighbourhood. We took a cab and got a tour of Kergh (that's a name) side of baghdad trying to get to the Rissafa (the name of the other half of baghdad), we even passed by the jail I got tossed in. We eventually had to walk a bridge and catch another cab on the other side. We finally got to Bab al Shargi (which is one of the main marketplaces of baghdad) where you can find second hand electronics, watches and tons and tons of pirated DVDs for just over a dollar each. India brought us here to install a mod chip into his new XBox. The XBox was sold to him by a game that works with US forces and who's selling stuff from the PX (US military WalMart kind of thing).

At a traffic stop on the way to Karada, a Kia driver began yelling at the car in front of him. The Car in front was leaking petrol. I was relieved that when that car drove off in a different direction after we began to move. K bought some perfume. I also got Omar a perfum, which my brother brought me from the UK the last time he came. We then got our presents wrapped up in a little shop across the street. And headed off to Omar's. The rest is pretty boring, except Omar stressed out India for not alerting the mod chip dude that his XBox was a 110 volts model.

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