Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm off to London tomorrow.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

And from the UK

I'm at my bro's place now, not much going on. Just had a late lunch with him at his home. He's off for a snooze. And once I'm off the pc I'll be left to the mercy to those kids of his. One of them is trying to get into the room. And he finally did. Annoying little bugger hehehe.

I'm spending my time watching videos and eating too much.

I found a diary of mine dating to 1992. I must've been about 10 years old. It's got less than 10 entries, the first ones were written in the uk and the rest in Paris.

I called Dan and told him that I was going to stay at his place hehehe. Daniel is the guy with whom I wound up in several British bases in the south of Iraq following the war, as a result of a failed attempt to get him out of the country through Kuwait.

Pay 9 bucks for a pack of cigarettes, not me! I'm smoking rollies or my brother's cigarettes. It's good that he's finally started buying cigarettes.

Mum keeps telling me stay here in the UK, which I could be an option if I don't get accepted by LAU. I could get a crap job, do an open university thing, and things might not be too bad. As I get older it's getting alot harder to dream of being somebody succesful.

I'm a bit glad that I'm not in Baghdad right now, they haven't had running water for a week now. And that's a first since the war.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

In Beirut

I hate being here.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Tonight, I'll be leaving Baghdad

Yuck, I'm leaving town. It's cold, why in the world does it have to be cold tonight?! Yup from here on it's going to be cold for quite a long time. I'm already grumpy. I'm really really grumpy. Dinner got screwed because the damn cheese didn't melt on the pizza. I had to eat kebab instead, which along with felafels I strongly dislike eating during a trip because it leaves me with a really bad taste rising from my stomach. I ate felafels today for lunch. It really isn't a good day.

Ahh, TEAAAA :) I love you.

The electricity has been awful the past few days. Something like 12 hours = off, 2 hours = on.

Here's my first picture post: It's my roof where you see 2 satellite dishes, a wifi internet thingie, and Atiyeh's bed. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The coolest thing about today!

Not only did I put AdSense into my blog. I also saw how our Sudanese handy man regulates our electric generator. Now I'll be able to fix that pile of junk whenever it decides not to give enough juice.

I haven't acheived so much in a long time. Maybe this year I will be different.

Oh and I finished that bottle of Jim Bean last night. I still think that bottle was bootlegged.

Ads won't make me any richer.

I got the Google AdSense thingie going on. Would be very funny if I actually got paid something.

I wonder how to put some pics on my page.

Listening to some 'The Who' songs I just downloaded. I used to get high and listen to this stuff when in my first semester of uni.

I didn't bite my nails today weehee. My computer is dying on me. I don't know what to do with it. I'll be leaving in a few days. Should I fix it? I think there was a problem with my Creative Live! sound card. I took it out and did something with the windows CD (I don't know what) and it seems to work now. Running on the motherboard built-in sound card, and I've been ungrateful for that thing for so long.

Regarding that AdSense thingie, I could try to bring alot of attention to the site. But that's just not me is it. I actually keep this blog as a secret from my friends.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Tummy

5 am here, i'm really tired, my tummy wants me to go the toilet i think. I finally finished that bottle of Jim Bean, I'm guessing it wasn't the real thing. I've got mosquitos in my room. Things are blowing up alot around town.Dad's decidedfor us to go to Lebanon this coming Saturday. I've tempted him to take us to the UK. He sees it as an oppurtunity to go to Germany to see somebody. I've managed to stop biting my nails for a week, but i'm back to it today. Must must stop. I'm thinking of how to lead my new life in Lebanon, but me being who I am, all those ideas probably won't come to be.

Life's pretty quiet over here as usual. I've left my home a couple of times over the last week. And oh my god, the traffic is horrendous. It took me 2 and a half hours to get to uni. It used to take me half an hour. And the other time, I tagged along with my friends India and K because we were all invited to Omar's little graduation party at home.

It was the day that the car bomb blew up near the president's place which is in my neighbourhood. We took a cab and got a tour of Kergh (that's a name) side of baghdad trying to get to the Rissafa (the name of the other half of baghdad), we even passed by the jail I got tossed in. We eventually had to walk a bridge and catch another cab on the other side. We finally got to Bab al Shargi (which is one of the main marketplaces of baghdad) where you can find second hand electronics, watches and tons and tons of pirated DVDs for just over a dollar each. India brought us here to install a mod chip into his new XBox. The XBox was sold to him by a game that works with US forces and who's selling stuff from the PX (US military WalMart kind of thing).

At a traffic stop on the way to Karada, a Kia driver began yelling at the car in front of him. The Car in front was leaking petrol. I was relieved that when that car drove off in a different direction after we began to move. K bought some perfume. I also got Omar a perfum, which my brother brought me from the UK the last time he came. We then got our presents wrapped up in a little shop across the street. And headed off to Omar's. The rest is pretty boring, except Omar stressed out India for not alerting the mod chip dude that his XBox was a 110 volts model.