Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Idiot Classmates

I don't know what's worse the bad quality of teaching or the IQ of the students here. What's so hard about figuring out which area is bounded by three linear inequalities. For crying out loud it's high school stuff.

Mid-year exams are a pain. I don't think I'll be doing all too well. One thing that caught me by surprise is how noisy the exam supervisors can be, this while I'm trying to express myself in Arabic drove me nuts. Yesterday one of them began yelling everytime a student began cheating. And cheating is very tolerated here, not a single student got kicked out. How else are they to pass the people say. Yeah never mind learning. Not much point of learning since the teachers themselves don't really teach in the first place. It's a vicious cycle of idiots. Every generation becoming stupider than the one before it.

When they cheat they're not trying that hard to be discreet about it. Just talk with a normal voice and ask someone two rows away what the answer is. Unlike that put the test paper in view of the person behind me style that I'm somewhat more used to. I was never good at cheating. But I do keep my ears open to pick up answers being given. Alot of the time, that's a good enough method to get nearly all the answers.

Oh yeah and I got my pre-mid year marks, all but risk managment. They rock! I got two full marks, and the lowest is a seven out of ten. These mid-year exams are going to bring those marks down though. I can't be bothered to memorize all that accumulated material.

Mum wants to leave in a few days. That really sucks, I really enjoyed having her here. Although her phone calls every few hours do sometimes get on my nerves. I can't believe mummy's going. It's not cool.

I haven't got an e-mail in a while. Maybe I should send one or two. But to whom. Jasso has been sending me crazy junk mail. Recently made a filter to make all his e-mail go to a folder just for him.

Kiki made it to Malaysia a week ago. The nutter. He's planning to do a master's degree over there. Knowing Kiki's study discipline, that's a pipe dream. But he did it make it there, which was a quasi surprise to me, but not to India. But who knows maybe his encounters with she-males for which he has a fascination for will give him the inspiration to study.

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