Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Off To The Farm Tomorrow

Yippee, off to Shamiya tomorrow. I really don't want to go, but I guess. I have to. Right now I'm at the internet cafe charging up my iPod. This iPod thing is not easy. I'm supposed to be able to view video on it, but so far I haven't been able to make use of it. I really need to fix my PC or get a new one, but I'm too damn lazy to go around looking for a good deal. I use a whiteboard to record all my expenses and then I type it all out on the PC. But I'm in a rut now that there's very little space on the whiteboard left.

I'm thinking of getting a laptop, but I'm not sure if I should go expensive or not. The idea of a laptop is really sweet since it can run for a limited time during power cuts. Electricity is so rare these days. It's off for more hours than I can bother to count. I just overheard some guy saying it's 7 hours off, and 1 on. That's painfully boring. But I've got my Nintendo DS. It did suck when I finished the Urbz though. I'm back to playing Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA) which is a really mind numbing game.

Today's Eid, mum took me to her recently deceased brother's place. His decease is what prompted her to come. Had lunch there. Visited senile Grandma. She's really senile i.e. suffers from dementia. I remember when Grandma was staying with us in the UK. She is a right nut case. She'd sometimes ask me for a cigarette. Once I gave her a joint. But she got suspicious and only pretended to smoke it without inhaling.

I'm gaining weight again, not good. Haven't done any exercise in ages. I'm smoking too much. I've kind of got grips on myself again when it comes to drinking. Last week was damn stressful, I think I'm recovering. Those two tests in Arabic last week really got me worked up. Did well on one of them, got an 8 out of 10. Was really glad about that. I didn't get my grade on the other test though. I was really curious to know my grade to see if I'm doing enough to get a good grade on my mid-year exam.

Well tomorrow, I'll be going to the farm. I might have the oppurtunity to see some animals being slaughtered. Might try to take pics of that with vomiting on myself. Damn I should've bought some booze. Cafe's closing up better post, because these guys have become really cheeky and just cut off the server to get the people out. And so I must now venture home, hoping that celebratory rounds don't land on me.

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