Saturday, January 26, 2008

Car Fixed

Felt like shit yesterday. Looking back it could be because I gave my phone number and too much personal information to that cab driver on Thursday. Stupid mistakes like that leave me in a bad mood for a while. But I haven't been in a great mood since last Sunday. I remember feeling a little high that Sunday morning, and then everything began to go wrong and I was overwhelmed with negativity. Fortunately, I'm feeling alot better today.

Today, Nahida's bros took me and my car to the Sheikh Omar. I remember that neighbourhood was too dangerous to go to a year or two ago, but it's back in action now. I got a new window, a new fuel tank, a new rear-view mirror and a new rear axle. None of those were actually 'new', but instead second-hand parts; they do do the job though. That annoying hum from the axle is finally gone.

I spoke for five minutes to Zeina today, I beginning to trust her. I'm coming to think that if she was in anyway dodgy it would show through her personality. And then there was that similar experience with Farah a couple of years ago. Exams end in a week and now I'm trying to decide whether or not to tell her that my car is repaired. I'm still waiting for a chance to talk to her about the mistrust I've got towards her to see how she'd react and to explain why my lies haven't been adding up.

It's half past eleven at night now, and I've got to hurry up and begin studying for tomorrow's exam which to my advantage is in English and God knows that the poor suckers in my class have been struggling on it, but not me.


Jeffrey said...


After all the hours you've toiled away on Arabic, you of all people need a break with an exam in English. Good luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Shaggy man.. I dont blame you on that new girl, but dude, your our only hope and friend there now so better not try anything stupid..Im guessing the virginity issue is rapidly changing in Baghdad as people have become completely weird, but dude kidnapping!! please stay away

Your ex-neighbour

mike said...

Stay away man. You said she was asking real specific questions and recording your phone call, that is shady.

Either she is giving that tape to someone you don't want to mess with, or she is recording the call for another reason...kinda strange.

Listen to your ex-neighbor, stay away and don't tell her where you live.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck? Man when I read this I almost called you. She records your phone calls? Fuck the bitch! Jerk off for the rest of your life if you have, just come to canada for the summer, i'll get you laid so much you'll never miss another hairy ass bitch back home buddy, don't let yourself go down to that level man, I refuse to believe you have completely given up on living. AND FOR GOD"S SAKE, DON'T MARRY ANYONE! I know what you're thinking, you're settling. It's too early, and you aren't that desperate buddy. WIll ben in touch.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


I've read you for awhile but never commented. Here I'm going to, though.

Don't let your hormones get in the way of your better judgement. Better sexually frustrated then stuck in a bad marriage, kidnapped or dead.