Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Fruit Flavoured

I've got a cold. It's a rather strong one too. I've got a runny nose nearly all the time. I feel lazy and a little dizzy too. I'm doing my best to enjoy that high. Rather than rot in a pile of wet tissues today, Nahida's brother came over this morning and we went to get my car fixed some more. There's still that gaping hole in the back. So we dropped off my car at the repair shop and it should be ready on Sunday. I just have one more exam tomorrow and I can't be bothered to study for it. I'm planning to study the material on my way to college. I should be fine.

Yesterday, I went pharmacy shopping. I was hoping to get some anti-depressant drugs (Bupropion) that are supposed to help one quit smoking. But there weren't any. I told them I saw them on Oprah, and the pharmacist said there were drugs that aren't exported out of the States and Europe. I also asked for some for some other anti-depressant (Paroxetine) that causes sexual dysfunction but which in effect leads to keeping it up longer when having sex if one does manage to get it up. After that last experience with Farah I thought I could do with some help. But they were out of stock of that and said that they should have some sent in next week. However, another pharmacy said that Jordan isn't importing it anymore. I ended up walking off with some Aspirin, Vitamin C effervescent tablets, Spray on plasters, and fruit-flavoured condoms.

Back to today, I spoke to Zeina again. and I asked her how she planned to come over without her parent's knowledge. And then things with her started to change. She completely contradicted herself saying that she couldn't come over and then suggested that we could maybe catch a glimpse of each other when she goes to the market with her parents. And then she told me that she lives in a different neighbourhood and that she only studied in the neighbourhood that I thought she lived in. And all the subtle suggestions to have sex disappeared. And so it seems I've made a big fuss over nothing.

I'm tired of being teased. This coming holiday, I'm going to get me a prostitute. In the meantime I'm going to jack off with one of these fruit-flavoured condoms.


madtom said...

I have never heard of anyone jacking off with a condom, fruit flavored or otherwise.
I guess there is a first time for everything

Jeffrey said...


I think Shaggy wears them to protect his monitor from errant spurts.

Heh heh.


Anonymous said...

Man u r unbelievable , Hey I gotta tell u , I'm addicted on reading your blog these days on both PC and mobile , lol , I think it's fun and somehow similar to my life , anyway , just be carful with the prostitutes thing , it isn't that safe man here , and also keep on blogging , with my best wishes dude , and WHAT THE HELL ARE U STILL DOING IN THIS SHIT HOLE , Leaaave .

Anonymous said...

Shaggy man...i heard the prostitutes have become dirtier than ever now cos of all these soldiers hehehe where are your sources?? yella come Tomas might be comng here and you can go hunting for chicks with him in Czech!! hehehe ohh and btw im chickless for a while now too..back to the good old boring days! :P

Your ex-neighbour

Jay said...

Is there any weed/pot in Iraq at all?

Muhannad said...

I am surprised the mujahideen have not forbidden fruit flavored condoms!