Sunday, January 13, 2008


I got myself some Weetabix the other day when I went over to Enie's house. It reminds me of the days at Pat's house in Lebanon because it was my favourite munchies after we'd smoke up.

Had a weird dream this morning whilst Nahida was waking me up, it involved two friends of mine from Lebanon. Hans and a chick I fancied. It was weird because I felt like I had some control over my actions in my dream and that I could just maybe resolve some lingering frustration that I had towards that girl. But I wasn't able to think of something, and the dream drifted off to a pack of cigarette's that Hans picked that contained a free pack of gum inside.

Saw Fulu at college today. Spoke to her and her friend a little. Had her friend not been with her it would've been interesting to flirt with her a little face to face. I still can't call her anymore, because it would be "weird". It's all good anyway.

I'm trying to meditate these days. Sitting down with my legs crossed, relaxing, trying to follow my breath and find my center. Then I'd try to imagine a light there and let that light spread within me. I don't know if I'm doing it right. But the part when I try to relax all the muscles in my body seems to have a nice effect.

It's all part of me trying to get in touch with my feelings and understanding myself and my interactions better. Most of the time I resemble a sloth, but there are times when I get really nervous and jittery. For example today, after all my classmates left and I was left waiting for Sav so I could hitch a ride back home with him; I walked over to a couple of guys that I'm acquaintance with who were chatting to a hot chick. I got so freaking nervous, I had been introduced to the girl they all pretty much went quiet once. So I rambled, asking them in turn what their favourite flavour of soup was (They preferred vegetable soup over lentil soup). I talked to the girl, and she smiled at me and I did my best to maintain eye contact and smile back before having to leave.

I got nothing but tests coming up. I got one tomorrow, the day after, the day after that and the day after too. The week after my mid-year exams start. It's too much. I've got a mean test tomorrow too: administrative accounting. The number work isn't all that hard really, but there's alot of text to read too. I've decided to not bother with the text and just focus with the number work. The only trouble is that I haven't studied any of the number work today. I was planning to start an hour ago I think, but I've eaten too much and I'm really sleepy.

Actually, I haven't eaten that much. I think I might have a flatulence problem. I'm farting plenty and my tummy feels bloated. What did I eat today? one packet of Peanut M&Ms, one double kebab sandwich (which isn't really that big), one bowl of soup and a bun, three pieces of Bessboussa (some Arabian sweet that I've recently fallen in love with) and one bowl of Weetabix.


Anonymous said...

Shaggy dude! Your becoming a great writer man! may be that is the breakthrough or what your dad was looking for :P..anyways..good to follow up..uve become a star here at work and Ive introduced everyone in the city to this blog and theyre hooked on to it man..take care and my regards to Nahida and Fozzy bear!

Your neighbour

Anonymous said...

thanks to your neighbour introducing us to this blog, youve saved us from hours of boredom!

Anonymous said...

well, time for me to make a comment buddy:
Sounds like you are doing fine with the meditation, no trick to it, the simpler the better. Try not to visualize light or colours to much, just clear your mind and focus on relaxing and breathing. the ebenfits accumulate like pennies in a bank buddy, one day you'll wake up and you don't know what it is but you feel greaT.
get through your courses, you're almost some strange way i feel proud of you man, i don't know why but i do.
take care,

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hey, man! Nice blog of yours! Keep up the good work!

mayssam said...

"I'm farting plenty and my tummy feels bloated. What did I eat today?"

Hey Shaggy,
Have u considered the possibilty of having a problem with digesting lactose? hahhahaha take care.

Mister Ghost said...

This man, Shaggy, he is simply the premiere Slacker in the entire Iraqi blogosphere. He's Slackerific. He's Slackelectrifying. Kevin Smith needs to make a movie about him.

And Shaggy, a Scooby Doo fan I hope...

I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!