Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pizza Crisis

I just had dinner, it was another one of Nahida's home-made pizzas. But lately, the cheese isn't melting like it should instead it just goes dry, hard and rather bland. When I approached Nahida on the matter, she explained that there's no foreign-made (usually Turkish) Mozzarella cheese in the neighbourhood. But hold on, I'm sure I saw some Saudi made stuff in another neighbourhood, must give directions to Nahida. But why can't Iraqis make decent Mozzarella cheese in the first place. The sanctions are over, it's been five years, someone must of been making decent Mozzarella by now.

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Anonymous said...

dude.. how about you get that entrepeneurial spirit kickin and you start a cheese factory!
you can make even more use of the farm and get rich.. im being serious by the way im not bein "cheesy"..who knows you might even export some to Bath!

your ex-neighbour