Sunday, June 01, 2008

On My Way to College

I'm having Sav and Muni stay over at my house for the duration of the finals. Yesterday, I had to tell off Muni for distracting Sav. Right now, we're in a traffic jam and listening to the Iraq-Australia game on the radio. The score is 1-0 to Australia.

I'm hungry.

The pizza crisis is over by the way. Nahida's managed to find some good Mozzarella cheese. And she's not burning the base of the pizzas any more too. The pizzas still needs some work though, something is wrong with the topping to dough ratio.

Still stuck in traffic.

The score's still 1-0. I'm not making much sense out of the football commentator.

Damn! I'm hungry.

I finally got a neighbourhood generator line. It costs over $100 a month for 10 amps, for about 6 hours a day. By alternating between it and my own generator I can keep the water air cooler running all night.

I should perhaps get some beers on the way back home.


Anonymous said...

Man , I know that small details were the one of the most important figures that made your blog a successful one , but also spending about half a month to talk about cheese and pizza doesn't give much scence , I mean food is taking alot of space of your brain , but don't worry , I'll still read it in my small cell here and AGAIN , WHAT DA HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING IN IRAQ ????????????

Don Cox said...

Why shouldn't he be in Iraq? The biggest problem seems to be the shortage of Mozarella cheese. _____ This blog makes a nice change from most of the other Iraqi blogs, which tend to be very serious.

TK said...

I was at that game on sunday. ^_^ Iraqi team definately shown performance that night despite their loss.