Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes, I've done it! Ten years ago, I enrolled into the American University of Beirut, I was sixteen years old. And now I'm... oops hold on, how old am I?... Nahida says twenty-six. Okay, so now I'm now twenty-six and I've finally got my degree in business management from a lousy college in Baghdad. It's been a long road to get to here.

I've started my boozing binge with Oettinger beer (wonder how that's supposed to be pronounced), which is the one beer available here that isn't made in Turkey. Nahida called up Kiki in Malaysia so that he may congratulate me. She was surprised to find that K was also there with him. She spoke to the two of them and then passed them on to me. It was wonderful to hear their voices.

Totally screwed up on my exam today... but less so than most of the others... A pass for me is pretty much guaranteed. I've got some beer to drink...


Average American said...

Congratulations Shaggy!! Well done. I'm having a "White Russian" in your honor.


Jeffrey said...


Fantastic! I'm hoisting a few here in NYC in your honor.


Anonymous said...

congrats crawler,
white russian?! what the fuck?! dude, as the guy that started this adventure with you, I'm havin a TGV in your honour tonight.
wish i could celebrate with you bro.