Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To-Do List

My drinking binge wasn't very successful, into the second day I wasn't feeling so well and gave up. All I had was that German beer and Teacher's whiskey. I really wish I had some Smirnoff vodka and some Bacardi but the shops here aren't selling the stuff unless you request them to bring it.

So I spent yesterday, drinking some more and writing up a to-do list. It's looking pretty good so far:

  • Tidy up house
  • Buy Stationary
  • Take 35mm film that's been lying around for years to lab and ask about VHS to DVD conversion for Mos)
  • Do lactose intolerance test (got to e-mail them)
  • Burn a copy of Resident Evil the Umbrella Chronicles
  • Go to Bab AlShargi and buy: energy efficient candle shaped light bulbs, that thing that measures the number of amperes running through a power cable with a digital display, a thing that raises the voltage up to 220 volts, and a voltage stabilizer (if i need it), a new copy of NFS ProStreet with no scratches.
  • Look for a new laptop
  • A new socket to go into the generator and another to go into the wall
  • Tidy up the farm house
  • Delete internet accounts and make new Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook accounts
  • Fix farm electric (use that voltage gadget)
  • Do a panorama x-ray for my teeth to see what's up with my wisdom teeth
  • Go to B-Town get socks, t-shirts and an exercise ball or see if i can order one
  • Buy toner for my laser printer
  • Ink for my Canon printer at the farm (need to inspect it first)
  • Get Bacardi and Smirnoff
  • A cash counter
  • Plugs and Fuses
  • Get the toilet checked out cause it's constantly leaking through the flush outlet
  • Get the big Split air-conditioner in the hall checked out
  • Build a swimming pool in Shamiya
  • Get a 4x4
  • Get an HD video camera
  • Get teeth whitening strips
  • Study physics especially electriciy
  • Study Maths will need tutor
  • Get the Koran on mp3 to learn Arabic
  • Get a copy of the Koran
  • Get some new clothes
  • Some boxes for putting files in
  • Call classmates monthly (a linen suit perhaps)
  • Buy Zippo fluid
  • Read up on agriculture, rice growing and milling on the net
I've got breakdown some of those items and I'm not sure I'm going to do them all, but I'll try.

Mos slept over last night, and this morning, he skipped work and I canceled my trip to Bab AlShargi so that we go to the swimming pool near by his house. It was a rather simple outdoor pool populated with boys, I might have been the oldest person there but I had fun despite feeling very dizzy every time I got out of the water. Goes to show how unhealthy I am. Mos got me to try to learn how to dive into the pool. I nearly got it on my second go, I still need to spring stronger and straighten my legs. I only tried to do it three times in total I think because everytime I did it my head would come out of the water and scream "My Balls! My Balls!".

After spending about an hour at the pool, we left because I was feeling so dizzy and slightly nauseious. But it really was fun going to the pool and whilst driving home the world seemed a prettier place afterwards even though I was a bit worried that the checkpoints might hassle me for wearing swimming shorts. They've never bothered me about it, but I've heard they have done so to others previously. The climate also feels cooler after spending some time at the pool. I've definitely got to make me a pool at the farm if I could.

I'm exhausted and really temtped to go to sleep now. But I might play some Mario Galaxy first. Remy's right to drink a TGV, I should add tequila and gin to my booze to-do list. I'm so happy I'm done with college.

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