Saturday, October 30, 2004

No Plan

Was it yesterday? I think. Dad called to say he's having trouble getting married which as a result cancels any plan of me moving to Canada this January.

I wasn't really hot on the idea, but none the less, it does feel like a set-back. I really need to get out of this country and get on with a normal life for a bit. A little vacation would do I hope.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ola Cold

I'm sneezing, and I've got a runny nose. I'm not supposed to get sick like everyone else. I was brought up in the UK, I had a cold all the time back then, I should of been immune a long time ago. That's what I thought I was at the least.

Yesterday I fed the cake to my friends. I kinda messed it up... it was too big, not enough cherries, and had too much chocolate because I was obsessed about hiding the split between the top and bottom layer of sponge with chocolate icing. I'll eat the middle of what's left and chuck the rest I guess.

It's very nostalgic having a cold actually. It brings back the memories of mummy taking care of me. And also gives a good reason to stay in bed and not go out. And feeling drowsy all the time is cool, people pay money to change their state of mind, not me hehe.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The day after the day after

Oh weeee, that cognac stank the next day. Don't have a clue how much of it is left since the bottle is opaque black. Not much of a headache fortunately even though I forgot to drink water before going to sleep.

Yesterday I went out and bought the cake mix, chocolate icing, whipped cream and tinned cherries. Today I'll be baking the stuff. Woke up really early today: 3 am I think. Went to sleep too early I guess.

So I've got the whole day ahead of me. A good idea would be to make a plan for the day. Ummm, let's see... what do I need to get done?

  • Get a light bulb for the table lamp which is the only source of light in my room.
  • Go to that microsoft learning center across the main street and see what they have to offer.
  • Call my dad in Iran and tell him the post code he gave me the second time for me to do my applications is that of a shopping mall.
  • Get a glass of water, which I'll do right now. And a cup of tea too.
  • Bake that cake.
  • Feed the cake to my buddies. It's going to be scrumptous.
I'm sooo rotten bored. I need to get myself busy somehow. Doesn't look like I'm going to make it to college this coming February. So I might as well think of carrying out some mid-term project here.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I like Otard

Hell yes it's my birthday! I'm 23 today yay. A very good reason to buy expensive booze after several weeks of sobriety. I ditched all my friends so that I could tidy up my room and e-mail those colleges in Canada. 2 have replied so far, one was automated and although the second seemed automated it didn't claim to be so.

I watched that movie with Katie Holmes during dinner, and oh my gosh it sucked, probably the worst movie I saw since the last Katie Holmes movie I saw. So now that I've had my dinner, I'm drinking my fancy bottle of cognac.

First time I drink cognac I think. I don't know if it's because I haven't drunk in a long time or if it's the type of booze itself, but it hit me from the first swig.

I'm supposed to consume the bottle over 3 days, but I kept the bottle sideways in the freezer and the cork got soaked and flakey. After I poured out the cork, I guess I'll have to drink the whole bottle tonight since the cap is broken, oh dear.

So what have I got lined up for tonight... I'm planning to have one of those spontaneous nights yes I am. That's never worked out well in Baghdad. Maaayyyybeee not then.

And so the night is young, but not in this part of the world. oooh no the electiricity is going to cut off soon. got to post.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I like VH1

In times of tremendous boredom there's VH1, for which I am grateful.

I'm getting an impression that nobody is reading my blog. What's up with that huh?! Ah well the www can take a whiff of my bum.

What did I do today?... As usual not much. Got painfully poked by my acupuncturist, couldn't be bothered to entertain him today. Spent an hour or two taking a shower, having breakfast and playing utopia. Eventually got out of the house. Went to Tania's, promised to myself that I would be nice to her. I think I failed.

After Tania's, I went to see my uncle. Chilled out with him for a couple of hours and then drove back home. He'll be gone for a week or so.

So what then? I had dinner, turned on the tellie, some movie with katie holmes, really not my cup of tea, she does a good job of picking cheesy characters or is it just her that's soo cheesy. But I definitely would yeah.

Played a bit more utopia. I play too much utopia, but it kills time so well. I really should e-mail those community colleges in Canada. I just need to take 10 minutes to think of what I want to say. I was feeling really peaceful a couple of days ago, and after a few hours I flipped outside down. The Hives make nice videos huh.

Rammstein are good, really good. I didn't think much of them, except they have a catchy tune from time to time. But their new video clip 'Amerika' is lovely and humourously depicts the americanisation of the world. With a Santa Claus in Africa with an african tribal kid in his lap or even better the muslim taking off his Nikes to step onto his prayer mat. I'm not sure if they've shown that video on any other network besides the german MTV (which I'm receiving courtesy of apt Iraqi satellite receiver crackers).

Oh no! I think the electricity is going to cutoff in half an hour. Maybe I should go fetch some fuel for the car or... I could get someone else to do it for me later or tomorrow. I don't know if today's odds or evens. Petrol stations are open for cars with even car plates one day, and odd the next day. And I'm hungry, had bacon and eggs for breakfast last time, I should do eggs and basterma today.

And after a week of seeing the beginning of Britney's new video, I finally see the end: Hooray to Britney. Elections coming up soon. Saw an interview on BBC with the guy that does voices for the The Simpons. He thinks that Kerry is going to win cause he's taller, and that more often than not in American history the tall guy wins. It's not really fair that us iraqis don't get to vote for the US elections, it's only fair since we're under their occupation and are affected directly by the outcome of the elections.

So it's costs 7.5 million Iraqi Dinars (5k US$) to sign up to be a candidate for the elections here. That's out of my budget, I was guessing that I could easily get enough votes as a result of random factors such as an illilterate voter randomly picking or someone mistaking me for someone else.

Arrrgh I'm hungry!!! that's it I'm going to wake Nahida to tell her to make me some food.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Hate Ramadan

Yay it's ramadan. I hate ramadan. I'm not a religous person. Everybody that knows me admits that asking me if I'm fasting is a stupid question, but they ask anyway.

So what's different about ramadan. Most of the differences only take effect during the day. Going over to my friend's house is uncomfortable since it's impolite to smoke in front of them. Can't smoke, drink or eat in public out of fear that some psycho extremists come and teach me a lesson. At dusk everyone's busy eating, usually I've already had lunch so I'm not hungry and I really don't like going over to a friend's house at such a time cause then their parents would start asking me why I don't fast and so on. Oh and the big difference is.... no shops to buy booze are open. The only upside that I've noticed so far is that traffic is a lot better now.

I'm sooo bored. I've got to stop watching TV and mucking about on my PC, and instead read a book or atleast stare at the ceiliing and contemplate life.

I had completely forgotten that I had created a blog account until today. So I've posted the week running from 20th to 27th of september that I had been typing out for my own sake.