Friday, February 25, 2005

Finally found my lighter

These nicotine patches seemed to work in the beginning, but now I'm having my doubts. Maybe it's because of the cheap cigarettes that contain really nasty additives made in a place with no regulatory body supervises.

Fozzy went to the farm while I was out this morning, I thought my dad, nahida and I were going to go back with him. What I'm wondering is whether I would've gone with him had I had the chance. I really have to go there. There's no reason why I should stay here in Baghdad.

A couple of days ago I heard that barbers have been threatened if they use their hair plucking with a string technique. The consequences of such a threat involves the barber's shop getting blown up. They use the technique to remove the upper cheak of a man's beard, I tried once a long time ago and it's really painful, so painful I couldn't let the barber finish off.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like waxing only without the gunky stuff.

smooth jill