Saturday, February 19, 2005

Yagga Yagga Yagga

The day after my last post we left to Baghdad again. It was a smooth trip on the whole, meaning we didn't spend hours without moving. But as we approached Fallujah which is on the way to Baghdad, a large convoy of lorrys accompanied by US forces were getting onto the highway and we had to stop for over half an hour till they all got on. We then continued to follow the convoy at half the speed we usually travel for the remainder of the way to Baghdad, by the time the convoy got out of our way, it had bottle-necked all the traffic coming from Syria into one big convoy of it's own. Several of the roads leading into Baghdad were closed and after going in circles for a little bit we eventually started the rest of our own convoy into some place we didn't recognize. It was about 9pm and the there wasn't a person in sight. All the lights in the streets were off and all the shops were closed. Which reminded me of a time when Baghdad used to stay alive till midnight and made me wonder when will things go back to normal. We eventually got dropped off home, barely able to recognize my own main street in mansour because of the dark.

Now I've been here for 10 days. The novelty of coming back home wore off with a day or two. I've already created a routine for myself, involving waking up late, watching tv, and going to sleep late.

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