Monday, February 28, 2005

Toilet Troubles

Early morning, and I've yet to go to sleep. I wish I could just leave the TV and close my eyes and try to doze off. But I can't do that because I'm using the electric generator which I have to turn off before I go to sleep. And it's not that I'm scared of the dark, but I get anxious and the complaining about the electricity routine starts running through my mind along with the all the other things I usually complaining to myself about.

Nahida has been moody ever since I got back. I hope she stays like that, I can't stand her most of the time when she's perky. Her brother got sent to jail by the Americans shortly after I left to Lebanon. Her sister was here a couple of days ago. He's allowed a 55 minute visit once a week. He's being kept in a tent in Baghdad Int. Airport or what I think is referred to as the red zone. Or is the red zone all that's not the greenzone. Or maybe there's no red zone and I just made that up. It's a big place from what I hear. Some guy told the americans that he makes car bombs. And just because some dude accused him of that, the americans took him. His sister says that it gets very cold at night where he stays. I'll ask him what it was like after he gets out. Now I'm going to watch south park.

I once spent a few days in an iraqi jail. It wasn't traumatising, I think everybody around me was bribed. Nahida brought me my meals every day. When I got sent there I was very drunk and woke up with a terrible hang-over. Those were the days I used to pop 4 prozacs a day and get drunk off whiskey. It's lame, how far I have to go to learn a lesson. Anyway, that following morning, I puked my guts out in the toilet and then wanted to take a dump, but the toilets weren't your regular stools. Nope it had to be... the dreaded hole in the ground deal. Uptil then I had somehow avoided making use of them. So with a full fledged hangover and my pants pulled down I crouched above the unflushable hole and missed some. I actually shat on my pants. A year later, I had to make use of one of those toilets again in a mosque in Kurdistan near the turkish border. It was a nice place beside a clear river.

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