Monday, March 07, 2005

Don't press SHIFT for too long

This is a great oppurtunity, every day is a great oppurtunity, and I'm ungrateful for it. Why the hell did I have to sleep late last night. I've had lots of ideas of what I wanted to write here while I was sitting in a back seat of a car. But those ideas escape me now. That often happens to me.

I've got to call mum, and see what she wants to do. Electriciy is a little better. I really need to go crrraap. Eventually I will, that's for sure. The electricity which comes for 2 continuous hours at a time will cut off under 20 minutes. If I choose to wait much longer I'll have to also go outside the house turn off the electricity from the switchboard, turn off the fridge, water cooler, water heater and then turn on the generator.

I'll go now.

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Rosebuds said...

you have been listed on Iraqi blog cou nt, should start driving some traffic your way, what does your dad do that you are in Iraq? So were you in Iraq during the war??? Any stories. Is it still as unsafe as the news media says it is here in America??

Boston, MA