Monday, March 21, 2005

Lots of DVDs to watch tonight

Had trouble sleeping last night, didn't go to bed until 7:30 AM. I woke up today at around 5:30 PM and had Nahida barbeque me some Kebab. Then I took a walk and bought some pirated DVDs. Let's see what I got...

Ocean's Twelve
The Incredibles
The Whole Nine Yards/The Whole Ten Yards
Undercover Brother/ Soul Plane
Frankenfish/Bite Me!

Some of the Discs have 2 movies on them. There are also double sided DVDs that have 4 movies on them. They're all pirated. Each disc costs 2 dollars from the local shop, but at Bab Al-Shargi market they're even cheaper. What sometimes really sucks, really really sucks, is when you get a copy that been recorder using camcorder in a cinema. That usually happens if the copy was in the market really early. And there's no certain way of knowing if you bought one of those. But in such a case one could always swap it back for another movie if upon purchase you specifically asked if it wasn't a cinema taped copy.

I think I'll start tonight with The Incredibles.


Anonymous said...


I've been thinking about the soap-opera you could write. Two narrators (Greek/Bollywood chorus) commenting on the action!

One narrator could be "I" (the writer and what he thinks of his life, what he thinks of the characters, and what he thinks of the other narrator).

The other narrator is "Gilgamesh" who comments on Iraq's past (both fable & historical) and predicts the future. Maybe the "Gilgamesh" could be written by someone with a background in the study of Iraqi history.

Gilgamesh and "I" could have some good arguments while the soap-opera characters deal with day-to-day life.

Love, Tilli (Mojave Desert)

PS -- did you enjoy The Incredibles? I've got to wait for the DVD to come out here...

ihath said...

My kids liked The Incredibles so much we had to buy the DVD -- legal copy 28$. I have to confess I enjoyed watching the movie with my kids as well. My favorite part was when the mom checks out her rear side in her reflection while saving the world and sighs because she is not what she used to be. I just know they put that in there for the grown ups and not the kids. Another movie I enjoyed watching with my kids was "Around the world in 80 days" with Jakie Chan. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the arabian prince is sooooooooo funny.