Saturday, March 12, 2005


7 am, and I haven't slept all night again. God I hate that. The suns out, the sky is partially cloudy, with a few of them grey. I can smell breakfast cooking, and I'm asking myself if I want some. I've got 4 packs of Gauloises Ultra Lights, all of them empty. I had the last one a few minutes ago. I've got one cigarette left in my pack of Dunhill Lights. It's calling for me. But first I've got to make some decisions, like am I going to go to sleep right now, have breakfast first, or shall I go out and take a walk in the hope that there's some fool that's selling cigarettes at this hour. One thing I do have to do right now, is get some Rennies from the other side of my room.

Last night's leftover pizza is still lying on the table as well as the toast from yesterday's breakfast which was too crunchy to eat without scraping the inside of my mouth. That last cigarette. Sugar! I want to quit.

So my blog got put on the 'Iraqi Blog Count'. Should I be yippeeing or not. I hate change. But after some short lived attention, I hope it would become just another link on a list.

I really don't see myself representing anything genuinely Iraqi. It can be granted that I'm Iraqi and that I'm living in Baghdad, but it ends there. Taking a quick glance at some of the other blogs, they're serious pieces of work and they do more to portray the situation in Iraq and the effects it has on their lives.

As for myself, the idea of this blog is more personal. It's supposed to be healthy to express one's thoughts and that's what I sometimes do with my blog. Other times, I'm just recording events that I go through which I would otherwise forget. And above all, I'm just using this as a way to kill time.

That smell of breakfast just won't go away. I'm not really hungry. I'm not really sleepy. But I really want to smoke that cigarette. Gauloises are a really crap cigarette, all the cigarettes here are crap. If they're good, they're expense. If they're expensive, they rot on the shelves. And the quality of a brand varies over time. One year Marlboro's are good, then they're not. There was a time when Aspen and Viceroy were the brands to smoke. Then there was a time when Craven 'A' was good, but then they turned bad. It's not a fashion thing, the quality really does change.

Dunhill Light's are good again. There's also the confusing matter of a brand with two types of quality. In the present case with Dunhill lights there's a pack with a health warning in arabic and english on the side selling for 1000 Iraqi Dinars, and there's another pack on the market, also Dunhill Lights, identical to the previously mentioned one but instead of an arabic and english health warning there's one in english, which sells for 2000 Iraqi Dinars. Regarding Gauloises Ultra Lights, you've got ones with Made In the EU printed on them and ones with Made in France printed on them. The ones Made in France are supposed to be the good ones, they better be they cost twice the ones Made in the EU.

What is it that I'm going to do after I smoke my cigarette, I can't make my mind up. When's the car going to get fixed, I need to haul my lazy ass around a little.

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