Sunday, March 13, 2005

Going to the farm today.

I got woken up at around 6 PM, and I went off to get some food for my trip to the farm. I think I bought enough food to last me 5 days. A big bar of swiss bittersweet chocolate and a bunch of tinned soups, tinned tuna salads, peanut butter, and jam.

I was talking to Nahida's husband who's got my dad's right of attorney and runs things there, asking him what's there to eat. He tells me that he buys roasted chickens or barbequed fish which he makes sure is still alive before being cooked from the town and takes it home. There's also a variety of fruit and veg in the market other than that there's nothing, no processed except maybe for some corned beef, yuck! I asked him if we could barbeque at home, and he said that would be impossible since farmers would smell the food being cooked, come over and impose.

It's going to be painful being there with no computer or satellite tv. Maybe I could get a newspaper and an arabic-english dictionary to work my arabic. I don't imagine there's an internet cafe there either. I'm really wondering how long I'll last out there, at least the climate is on my side. Nahida's husband has a copy of Titanic there, maybe I'm going to be so desperately bored for some form of escape that I'll go so far as to watch, something which I've yet to do.

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