Thursday, March 31, 2005


It's 5:30 AM, it's been a while since I've been up this late. To be honest, it's only been a few days, probably not even a week that I haven't been up this late. But for a long moment it felt nostalgic. Memories of long nights chatting with mates, getting drunk and surrendering to sleep at the sight of the morning light. I also like that false energy buzz that I get around the same time. Doesn't last too long though.

Spent all day and all night playing Zelda. Nahida's regretting buying the thing. She know sees that because of it, there's no way to get me out of the house. I'm not even doing any trips to the shops, as a consequence, my meals are starting to get nastier by the day because Nahida's doing the shopping.

I should write up a stock list of foods to be kept at home. So as to have choices available at home. I just wish my dad's car would repair itself. Then I could do some heavy shopping. And I miss going out in the car. Even though the traffic is really lousy these days from what I hear.

I really miss alchohol. Let's see I haven't had a good piss up in a long time. I can't drink like I used to. I used to binge until I puke. I still would puke, but I'd probably fall asleep first. That's my problem now, I just get really sleepy. And I'm convinced that it's true that every piss up will never be as good as the last. I'm pretty certain that was the unacheivable goal I was trying to fulfill for many years. I deserve merit for trying hard.

The moon's gone now, and the electricity is back. Got to turn off the generator.

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