Friday, February 04, 2005

Little City Me Don't Like The Big City

London wasn't that great of an experience, did alot of drugs the night I got there. Daddy and Mummy wouldn't be proud. Cocaine, ecstasy, hash, and Stella beer, which they claim is responsible for men beating up their wives. Did have the oppurtunity to go with Dan's friends to a club called The Egg. But Dan didn't want to go probably because he was all smashed up. And I didn't go alone with his dodgy friends and also because I was well smashed up too.

The next day I went to see Hansie and Kiko, they had partied the night before and finished all their cash, the bastards. They picked me up from the tube station with a box of beer, and promise of spicy chicken later tonight. 2 nights later we dined with Maha in a Ethiopian restaurant near King's Cross Train Station. Hans was at the station way ahead of all of us. I thought I was late when I arrived an hour after the rendez-vous time, but was still ahead of the Maha and Kiko. Hans dragged me with him to the public library to see the Magna Carta and a copy of the Gutemburg Bible.

The food that night was pretty cool but I had begun to lose my appetite as I was beginning to get a really cruel cold (which I still have till today). We all but Kiko drank a big load of Ethiopian coffee, which we later found out to be called Crack-Coffee, because it us all up except for Kiko all night. The next day, I helped Kiko move some of his stuff out of Hans's and into his new place, that ended up taking all day, alot more than I had expected. Hans spent that whole time at home. After a last meal of spicey chicken I left the guys and made my way back home to Bath.

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